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    Why the costly aircraft are not maintained ?

    Only yesterday we came across the news that the Sukhoi aircraft belonging to Air force has crashed near Nashik and of course the pilots were safe. And today a chartered flight has crashed in the busy Ghatkopar area of Mumbai killing 6 persons. What is my contention is that when a aircraft is going to be used, it must be checked for the flight worthiness. It was reported that the UP government which was owning the chartered flight has sold this to private party when the same craft was met with an accident. That means the aircraft are not checked for their flight endurance before use.
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    Accidents do happen with the old and new. After all, we are human beings who check the worthiness of the materials. We cannot fight against the fate. If something has to happen, that will happen. If someone has to die, they will die. No one can stop it.
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    @SuN, If someone has to die, he will die. What does that even mean? Our carelessness is the biggest mistakes. If we cannot fight fate then don't care for dangers and remain careless and leave the rest to God and see the result. It will be negative.

    By checking and remaining captious in such cases is highly recommend before take off. A single mistakes and careless can end our lives.

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    This is true. The people have to maintain the aircraft properly. The pilot has to check the aircraft before he takes charge of the aircraft. He should see the correct functioning of the aircraft and then only he has to say OK. So the chances of getting into a problem are very rare. Mainly all these problems are due to manual mistakes only. Whatever systems and automation you implement, without human interface it is not possible. There is every chance that human interface will go wrong somewhere.
    Negligence and carelessness are not good especially in these professions where a lot of people's lives are in the hands of the pilot, he should be 200% sure. He can't take the things lightly. Any small deviation is to be viewed very seriously.

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