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    What minimum temperature you keep for your Air Conditioner

    I was and am one who is always in the receiving end of the chill from air conditioners at office, car or in other places. While I was in job, (in Mumbai) except me and a couple of others all other colleagues wanted the room to be chilled. Even when there was a centralised AC supply, there was a couple of window ACs (later changed to split ACs). The temperature used to be set at 18 degrees. By evening I used to get blocked nose, headache and develop pain in my legs due to the low temperature.
    I cannot tolerate temperatures below 27 or 26 degree Celsius.

    So I felt a bit happy when the Power Ministry in Central government came with an idea or advisory that commercial and public establishments keep the temperature setting at 24 degrees Celsius.

    What is your opinion? What about your own experience and requirements?
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    As the thread did not fetch a response, I feel the matter has not been understood in the right perspective and a little clarification is needed.

    As per the Union Ministry of Power a study made in India finds that by keeping default setting of the cooling machines(Air Conditioners) at 24 degrees Celsius, there will be a saving of 20 billion units of electricity in one year itself. It also aims at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    As per Union Power Minister R K Singh 'every one-degree increase in the temperature setting saves six per cent of electricity consumed.'

    As the normal body temperature is about 37 degrees, cooling it artificially to 20 or 18 degrees not only wastes energy but is not good for body's health also.
    Mr Singh added that countries like Japan have regulation to keep the temperature at 28 degrees Celsius,

    After the awareness campaign and feedback, the government may make it mandatory on manufacturers to set the default setting.

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    I tried to post a response to this thread at around 1 a.m. today, but it got deleted. As I was feeling sleepy, I did not attempt to post it again at that time.

    First and foremost, I support this move of the Government. Although many people criticized this move, it is true that the airconditioners function at optimum level at 24 degree celsius. It saves power, which benefits us only. This step can cause reduction of electricity bill to a large extent. Moreover, the proposal is for default setting. The temperature can be easily changed using the remote. So, it is not a terrible step as stated by the known Government-bashers.

    Further, I remember that there was some awareness campaigh to set the AC temperature at 24 degree celsius some years back. It did not cause such hullabaloo at that time.

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    Generally, I keep 24 degrees centigrade in my AC unit. Initially, it will take some time to come down to a comfortable level but once we are there it will be good. My wife feels even 24 is also very low. She wants the temperature at 27 or 28 degrees centigrade which I feel is on a little higher side. Anyhow, we will keep 27 degrees only when we both were there. If I am alone I will go with 24 degrees centigrade. The power consumption is definitely less when you fix the temperatures around 24 degrees centigrade.
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    Generally, I keep 22 degrees centigrade in my AC unit. However it depends on 4 factors 1. room size 2. Ac capacity such as 1 T or 1.5 T, 3. individual choice 4. outside temp.
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    What I feel that our body temperature decides the room temperature to which the AC has to be regulated and it all depends on person to person. For me 22 to 24 is ideal and going.
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