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    Do you catch up with childhood friends or classmates?

    The Facebook is the most amazing modern innovation. It helps us to get united to many old friends, whose faces might not even come to our mind now. Even some casual references to such people helps someone identify them.

    The groups are even more innovative. Then we have the whats up group as well.

    These are two amazingly beautiful innovations, sought to be used in the most innocent, friendly and useful ways. During the 2015 Chennai floods what Facebook was able to achieve, cannot be described here at all.

    Be that as it may, recollecting all those good days of fun, of innocent fun, of a great amount of laughter and events associated with pranks at school, do flash our minds when we get together.
    Have you had such superb experiences of down memory lane.....
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    Yes. I am in touch with my old friends who are my classmates in school and college. In the month of March, we had old friends meet where all our friends from Intermediate colleges during 1970-72. Almost some of us met after 45 years even though we are in touch we have never met each other after intermediate. Whenever we go to our native place we will meet our high school friends and spend some time together. We have two WhatsApp group one is for inter friends and the other for SSC friends.
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