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    Is there no escape from this scorching heat this year?

    The reports on the ground, predicting less than normal monsoon in most parts of India, is bad news. It is almost end July 2018, and we hear news of heat wave in so many parts of India. Why is this summer so hot? Is it only because of declining tree cover, or are there more reasons for this?

    Will increased tree cover lead to good rainfall? The scientific reports in this connection, are totally divided on this subject.

    What is the situation in other places, particularly New Delhi and Mumbai? Will the July rains offer us some respite this year?
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    This year the summer is very severe. The temperatures are very high yet humid. It is very irritating. In between this hot temperatures, there were some scattered rains, which made the condition further worst. The people felt the pinch of heat. Everybody is eagerly waiting for the rains. From the last two days in Hyderabad, there is a decrease in temperatures.
    Coming to the question of trees and rain, my opinion is definitely the trees will make rains high. The trees increase the chances of rainfall.
    So it is always better to see that the trees will be planted as many as possible. The more the number of trees, the more chances for environmental maintenance in a proper and desirable way. So let us propagate the concept of tree plantation.

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    Yes the summer season is over for us and the rains are coming now and then, but so far there was no rain continuously for days together as it happens during the June end every year. This year we have seen extremes of all seasons. The last winter was severe, the just ended summer was also severe and in that context the rainy season should also be severe. Just for one or two occasions there was heavy shower during the first week of June and we could see passing clouds daring us for a severe rain, but it is fizzled out within no time as the wind takes away the black clouds to other places.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In Delhi, we are enjoying relatively more pleasant weather during last three days with little bit of rain. Kolkata has been receiving fare share of rain since last week. Mumbai was almost flloded. Monsoon is slowly but surely arriving.
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    Due to unbearable extreme scorching sun heat in the extreme south of Tamilnadu, especially in my own village, I escaped to Bengaluru to enjoy the cool weather. The weather in Bengaluru is quite good without much rain. My solar heater is not providing hot water due to insufficient sunlight, and I am facing bathing problem.
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    Just now I have come to know that Tamil Nadu is still under the spell of summer. The monsoon has not yet reached the state. I hope monsoon would reach coastal Tamilnadu within a week.
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    Sorry Partha,
    Tamilnadu benefits through North-East monsoon. What is present is South -West monsoon by which the states of Maharastra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala are benefitted. Tamilnadu doesn't expect any rain at this part of the year. There could be some rain effect of SW monsoon in Tamilnadu, but the Tamils don't anticipate it. At times, unexpected heavy rain spoils the summer crops like cotton.

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