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    How often do we ventilate all our anger on innocent souls back home?

    These days, age is just a number. Even when we are sixty plus, we go to work. We try to earn something to keep us going. When things do not work out as per our plans, or something unexpected happens and we are caught unawares, we become frustrated.

    We just carry all the frustration home. We ventilate his on our innocent wives ( are there some husbands too, among us?) and when we cool down a bit, we regret our behavior. Blessed are those of us who have a little more patience and endurance. This happens so often. Irrespective of what we had studied or whatever we had achieved in our lives this happens?

    Are there some methods to control such anger? Simple and nice methods can be tried out by others too. These days, many people use punching bags at home. Are there some other interesting ways to stop our anger?
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    When we are humiliated too much we will not be able to cope up with the anger and we have to vent them out somewhere. Once upon a time, wives are the receivers. But these days that trend is changed. If you try to vent to your anger on he, definitely she will revert back with more force on you and ultimately your pressure will double up but will not come down. So these days to vent to your anger there are two areas. One is your soft understaff or the supplier in the bar in the evening.
    When you are in your boss's chamber and you get annoyed with his behaviour, the moment you come out you will call your Secretary and so your anger there or call some junior person and vent out your anger. Otherwise while going home stop your car for a while near a bar on your regular way back route and shout on the server for the delay in supply.

    always confident

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    You believe it or not, I shall not take the office issues to the home or the home issues to the office. That means as soon as leave from the office, all the things that have gone through are forgotten and like wise in the morning when I leave from the home. I shall forget all the home issues and worry about office tasks. That way I am balancing the situation which is becoming easy. And taking out frustration of the office at home does not arise in my case as I leave the issues at the office itself. By the way why should the house holds must suffer our dikdat or frustration meted out at the office.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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