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    Have you seen nice bus conductors and drivers?

    In Chennai metro buses, possibly due to work overload and the unmanageable crowd during peak hours both the bus drivers and conductors are a very angry lot of people. They are quite rude to passengers who argue with them or ask them for directions.

    However, on some routes I have found excellent conductors who patiently explain everything to the passengers. In a city like Coimbatore, the bus drivers and conductors are by nature, simply superb. One can always find them smiling a lot. They are really good people.

    What about your experience? Have you seen these kinds of people in your city buses?
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    It varies from person to person but in general they are a bit rude with the passengers. They assume that passengers should be well informed about the routes and places where the bus stops for a while. Some local passengers are but a new person in the town from outside finds this rude and uncooperative behaviour intolerable and avoids boarding the local buses.

    It is basically the culture of certain organisations that there employees behave with public in such rude and indifferent ways. On the contrary I have seen some drivers and conductors very helpful and supportive especially to senior citizens and the ladies. Some of them even exchange pleasantries also with the regular passengers.

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    Normally in a bus lots of passengers travel in a day, and the frustration level of the conductor and driver should be understood. How the driver gets irked because he was asked to stop the bus in between for alighting or boarding which is against the rule but he would be forced to do so to which he gets annoyed. And for the conductor, he has to criss cross from this end to that end for issuing tickets and to which he gets irritated if the passengers wont give the exact change. That is the reason being so in TSRTC, the change problem is completely gone by having the bus fare as 5, 10, 15 and 20 as maximum and now the tiff off between the conductor and passengers over the change has gone and the rides were smooth without any commotion. And the drivers are also advised not to encourage stopping the bus other than the bus bay.
    K Mohan
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    What Mohan said is against of the reality as soon as APSRTC becomes TSRTC the drivers and conductors became ruder this is also one reason as I stop taking the bus and going by Auto because of their(conductor and driver) rude behavior. The rudest behavior comes when they converse with another fellow in Telugu. When they saw another region they became very polite.
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    I have travelled by Tamilnadu State Transports and Kerala State transports. Among them, I found the Tamilnadu transport drivers and conductors to be jollyhood fellows with a smile on their face. Whereas, the drivers and conductors of Kerala Transports used to be very serious with no smile on their face. Even they won't talk aloud. I travelled in Karnataka buses in Bengaluru, and found them to be like Kerala drivers and conductors. I would match AP drivers and conductors with TN drivers and conductors. I heard superstar Rajnikanth was a jollyhood bus conductor prior to joining film industry.
    Generally, the private bus drivers and conductors are damn good in dealing with the passengers. Government bus drivers and conductors are generally rude as their job is permanent , and they get their pension whether they smile or don't smile while performing their duty.

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    Though behaviour is mostly as per individual characteristics and bringing up, when one is in a job,the employer organisation's work culture and regulations too influence the workers.
    But my personal opinion obtained from the experiences in my travel in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, I have a similar view like Sun.

    The public bus conductors in Tamil Nadu appear more polite and helping . This is enhanced by the uniqueness of the language and the culture of addressing women as Amma etc. The conductors in Kerala transport corporation buses are realistic professional like.They do their job well. They answer if asked. They may not take initiative to help, whereas the TN bus conductors take initiative to accommodate passengers and see that maximum are seated properly.
    But I cannot say anything like that about the private bus employees in Kerala. Probably they are the most unliked lot as they scare passengers by their not-so-smooth behaviour, hurry and pestering.
    In my vie Karnataka ST bus conductors come only third after TN and Kerala. My experience with AP bus travel is very negligible and cannot form an opinion.

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    This varies from person to person and the behaviour of one person with you will depend on you also. if you are really polite, the other person will also be polite to you or at least try to be polite with you. If you try to be rough with them they will also be rough with you. I was travelling by private buses in our native district in the 1970s. Those days there were no RTC buses and only private buses. Those days the conductors used to be very close and friendly with the passengers. I was travelling on city buses in Vizag during the 1980s. The RTC buses were just introduced and the conductors were trying to help the passengers in knowing the routes and helping them in explaining where to get in and where to get out.
    In the late 1980s, I shifted to Hyderabad and my experience in Hyderabad Citybuses is very less. This is because I have my own vehicle or pooled vehicle for commuting. But I travelled a few times by city buses and I never had any bad experience with these conductors or drivers.

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    Just because one conductor or the driver was rude, we cannot generalize that the entire corporation staff misbehaves with the passengers. As far as I am concerned I did traveled the entire Telangana, the conductors were polite and the drivers were cordial and cooperating.
    K Mohan
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    Not at all, not one time (not only with me) I saw it so many times quarrels happened with so many passengers. It does not matter the TSRTC Conductor is male or female their talking is just nonsense which we can't utter those words(scolding with very bad words). Believe me, as it is 100% true. Sometimes the conductors physically assault the passengers too.
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