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    What exactly is the purpose of life?

    One question has been haunting me for a long time as to what exactly is the purpose of life. For past 5 years I have avoided or averted this question but again it has come to haunt me like anything and I actually get very anxious and curious to find out exactly why are we here. Whenever I notice the worldly affairs, I feel like it's totally futile, there is nothing better going to be achieved with the things we are doing. We are actually destroying the planet slowly and steadily and honestly we need this planet, the planet does not need us. Without us this planet will thrive and be more beautiful than ever.

    I have as yet not got an exact answer to my question, but to some extent I am able to get closer.
    The answer which I think is totally my personal view and it is out of the experience which I have gathered.
    As far as I understand, there is no purpose of life. We actually set up one purpose or other and run after it or it is set up by our parents or by the society or the environment we are brought up in. There is exactly no purpose at all.
    I formed this opinion while I was tendering for my daughter. I saw my daughter bubbling with joy, laughing, playing and getting cranky only when she gets hungry. If her stomach is full then again she is happy and a bundle of limitless joy. She only needed her belly full and she was playing, sleeping and happy throughout for no reason. I believe we all are the same, it is only that we are moulded into customs, religion, beliefs and faith and innumerable things and we slowly lose all our innocence and the limitless joy within us. We start to run in rat race to have economic benefits and prove ourselves for nothing. When I look at animals they are the most satisfied creation if their stomach is full. All we need is a little food and shelter and nothing else to have a cheerful and blissful life and it is very easily possible but we have made it a rat race and killing ourselves and this planet.

    I know many of the readers may find my answer absurd thinking that I have lost my interest in this World, but believe me I am totally into this World and I know that this question must have come to many more people and not just me.
    I don't exactly know if I can find the answer. My answer will be in spiritual practice or some religion or under guidance of some enlightened guru or myself alone is the answer.

    I would like the members and readers who have had the same question about life to share their beliefs and experience and what guides them.
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    I totally agree with the author. Also, I would like to say, even somebody is leading a life like this, that is they would be always happy if normal things are fulfilled, the society will surely trap them into the lifestyle of them in the rat race or at least tease them. If someone is leading a happy life out of all these things surely, they are the blessed ones.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    The purpose of life is different for different people. It is a herculean task to discuss the purpose of life here. But in actuality, most people are merely passing their days without any purpose.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    According to me the purpose of life is to live and let others live. By Live I mean , the contented life, without selfish motives, reaching out to those who are needy, spreading the knowledge to others and above all getting satisfied with the present arrangements in life without asking for more. On the other had hand by letting the others to live I mean , one should not be the hindrance to the progress and well being of others , feel happy over others achievement, and give way for those to achieve something, when you have already established yourself as something in this world. If the world thinks in this order there cannot be ill feeling ,hatred, commotions or difference of opinions on any matter and thus the world order would be in peace. But the selfish motives, cut throat competition and cutting in to others share are the main cause of quarrel and fights between the people according to me.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The purpose of life is nothing. We have no purpose. Maybe because we didn't even choose to be born. But then we were born and now there is no turning back. The question you've asked is the fundamental of Existentialism. We all at some point become conflicted with conscience and think of our position and purpose. It's alright.
    Some find it in the form of service. Some find it in form of a new passion. But how long can anything interest or quench you? At some point this new ordeal is done too. So you'll become unhappy once again. Nothing can fulfill the "purpose" you're looking for.
    So it is better to understand that survival is an instinct and we must follow it.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Scientifically speaking, it is believed that due to some mysterious and miraculous chemical reactions in the past, during evolution of Earth, the life was evolved in its most primitive form of unicellular organisms. The exact code of these rare reactions is yet to be found but believing in these scientific postulates we are evolved from this basic form of life and many more species were also developed along with us.

    Now as per scientific research it is ascertained that more than 90% of species developed in the past have already been extinct and the life form today available on Earth including humans are those who survived so far.

    The nature is a tough place full of calamities varying from simple thunderstorm to volcanic activities from inside and asteroid hits from space. The life on Earth can be wiped out by such big events at any time though we do not know its exact time of happening. The life span of humans is too little a time in comparison to the time domain of universe.

    So what I believe is that we are a miniscule part of this creation and as humans have higher developed brain faculties we could imagine all sort of ideas to make our life better and sprituality, yoga, humanity etc were proposed by the great scholars and many of them also tried to explain the purpose of life in their own ways.

    The quest is still on to fully explore the subject and till that time we have no other option to continue our work wherever we are in whichever capacity.

    So purpose of life so far understood by me is only to occupy oneself and to be active till last breath when this biochemical product goes back to the soil from where it was created.

    Knowledge is power.

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    What I infer from responses of members is as follows:
    @ Sarojha - Simple life is the best life, but we are trapped.
    @ Partha K - I would like to know your point of view, I agree that it is a herculean task and just a discussion cannot answer it.
    @ K Mohan - To live and let live.
    @ Aditya Mohan - Survival.
    @ Umesh - Keep doing whatever comes your way as the quest is still on.

    Members can agree or add to it if they disagree.

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    The fact is that most people, which possibly includes you and me, do not know how to balance the commercial side of live with the spiritual side of life. There are so many steps involved here. But we do not even take one single step.

    Be that as it may, it may just be in order that the commercial life goes on in full swing till the man or his wife or both, reach the age of 48. The maximum savings, the maximum amount of insurance for the future has to be done only during the peak period of 25 to 48 years. Since most of us work in jobs that have nothing with do with your background in terms of education, we become frustrated somewhere down the line. This can be offset to some extent, by getting oneself involved in some social project in the local area. For example, representing the area to the local authorities to get some work done, helping at least one poor student to the extent possible and so on.

    None of us can become a Mahatma. Our commercial side would mean that are grounded to some competitive behaviors where ethics and values do not necessarily follow, in any order. For example, office politics does keep us on our toes most of the time. Yet, we need to get out of all this and realize that the purpose of life is to be a good husband or wife, show concern and love for the fellow human being, immerse ourselves in honing our skills and so on. In the journey of life, we might have some temporary set back. However, we should go on with our lives. We have no other choice.

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    What I add that over and above the fact of live and let others live, the survival of the fittest is the mantra , so we have to brace up and live up to the expectations of others.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Dear Manoj,
    JustClick Here to read to understand something about the purpose of our life on earth. After reading, post your good comments.

    Finally, the purpose of our life cannot be easily explained and cannot be understood well. It is a question that cannot be answered even by the great personalities in this world. Different people will have different interpretation about the purpose of our life.

    My simple understanding about purpose of life is - Live, let others live, and die.

    No life without Sun

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    How is it possible to find an answer to the question about the Purpose of one's life? None of us has come to this earth intentionally. If you come or go to a particular place, one can ask why did you come/ go there. Because the action was with an intention. But your coming into the earth is not intentionally.
    But once you are here you can make use of that opportunity to make others feel that you have come here with an intention. On one day you will quit this place with satisfaction if you could fulfill that . The same could be a personal aim or may be a social or related to your family. Whatever it may be, that was designed by you gradually from your experience. One may say, " my aim in life is to become an IAS officer", naturally he/she will start preparing for that from school education onwards. If he/ she becomes a successful Officer every one will say here is an officer who worked successfully and his/ her life's purpose is attained.
    This means the aim of one's life is decided by oneself and by working hard one can attain that. Thereby the aim gets fulfilled.


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    The life is not chosen by us. We are here without our knowledge. We have not chosen our parents. Immediately after our birth we go in the way our parents guide us.By the time we know something we are in our thirtees. We will try to choose a path . Sometimes we will get what we choose but sometimes it may be different altogether. So we don't know why we are here and what is the purpose. But we with our acquired knowledge and education sometimes we may like to leave mark of us here and that will become our purpose of life. We may be successful sometimes and sometimes may not. Whatever we achieve we should feel that we are born to achieve that.
    always confident

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    Dear Sun,
    I did go through your thread and found the discussion about life and what I infer from all the responses is that life is for enjoyment with whatever resources we have and have no regrets when we leave this body. Also to have enough resources and security for future.
    I would say that I agree with you but that is just one facet of this life i.e. material things. Utility of material things is very limited and also there is no end to the material comforts we desire. Human desires are insatiable.

    I know it is as tough a question for you as it is for me and what I can only make out is to be happy no matter what. We are born happy and we should be the same throughout.
    I will continue my search and I know the answer is different for different individuals and I must find mine.

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    The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.

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    The purpose of life is to get happiness( Aanand ki prapti). The ultimate Aanand that can be achieved by Jeevatma when it merges in Parmatma.
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    I would say to chill out & enjoy because the more you think about the purpose of this life the more you will be in doubts. What more you can do is to live a life which you expect from others so that you wouldn't complain for whatever happened in your life because of others.

    The life is so simple but yet so complicated, depending upon how you look at it & so what you are today is the result of your own actions.

    One more thing to note is that, "as you sow so shall you reap", so also suggesting to move out with the good actions on your end because the same will be back to you someday.

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    This a heavyweight question. Not everyone can provide the proper answer.

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    After a good long thought, I now found the main purpose of life. The main purpose of life is to keep the earth balanced with the births and deaths. Procreation is an important aspect and activity of life to keep the earth balanced. I think, there cannot be better answer to the author's question about the purpose of our life. To achieve this procreation, God has created the male and female in each and every creature that He created. Hope everyone understands the purpose of our life now.
    No life without Sun

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    Mr. SuN: Every animal and plant procreate. Even virus and bacteria procreate. So, according to you, there is no difference between human being and animals/plants/micro-organisms. What is the purpose behind your long journey on this earth? How much have you covered so far? This is the question this thread asks.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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