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    Money deposited by Indians in Swiss Banks rose by 50% in 2017.

    The money deposited by the Indians in the Swiss Banks during 2017 is Rs 7000 crores. This is 50% more over the previous year according to the data released by the Swiss National Bank. The Government of India is taking many steps to curb the flow of black money to other countries. How come there is a rise in the money flow into the Swiss Banks in 2017? This has happened after a decline in 2015 and 2016. Hope the Government of India will take strong measures to stop this stashing of black money by the Indians in the foreign banks.
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    Even I was shocked to come across this breaking news this morning that the Swizz Banks savings from the Indians has gone up by fifty percent despite strict measure from the government to get back the stashed money in that bank. This proves that the bank must have made alternative arrangement for its old customers by not disclosing the new amount being done as saving. Or the government of India has failed to bring any black money being deposited in that banks. Nevertheless this is the serious issue on which PM Modi must concentrate as the very base of people have confidence in him is to have the black money retrieved from the Swizz accounts.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    This is very astonishing . In2015 & 2016 there was a decrease .But it is raised again in 2017. How is it to be investigated by the government and strict action is to be taken. Otherwise the credibility may be lost. But what is the comparison with 2013 & 2017. This also we should see. Probably it may be less than 2013 I don't know. BJP has promised to bring back black money deposited in other countries. Instead the flow is reverse. It will become a real set back to the Modi government. The authenticity of the news is to be seen and if it is a fact, government should make all out efforts to know how it happened.
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    The Government has stqated that the amount deposited in the Swiss Banks in 2017 is not entirely black money. I don't know the complete details right now. Will post details after understanding the same.
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    One thing is very clear here. If the amount is not black money, then why it should be parked in Swizz banks. And for the government if it is a investment, then why the Indian banks are not preferred. ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan: You can also keep your hard-earned money in Swiss Banks. If you don't have faith in Indian banks and if you think that you would need the money later but Indian banks won't be able to provide this at a short notice, you can keep your money in Swiss Banks, where for account-opening, citizenship is not essential.
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    Taking an instance of India Monthly Average Balance and withdrawal limitations, even poor people like me will go for Swiss Bank. What is use of having bank balances and unable to withdraw funds in times of emergencies? Along with these two problems, the demonitiezation of currencies can occur anytime if the government changes. The problem is not with the black money. It is with the government.
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    Especially in our country this has become a trend & the responsibility of each one of us to escalate the things without proper verification & making it the viral videos & this is happening all the times. If we take a look from other perspective then this all can't be the black money as the bank must have happened to be with new accounts which are regular. In the latest of the official announcement this is yet to be verified from the reliable source. Do we feel this of surprising that so many good things have been happening in our country but nothing sort of those comes in our viral list? Why we are always considering the negative aspect of our country? Or maybe our perceptions are already set.

    I want to know of how much viral news that we have witnessed so far & how many of those have come true. Possibly all news which went viral was not concerned to the any of the reality grounds.

    In addition this could be the good news that as per the agreement with the Swiss government, by Jan'19 our government will get the details of such accounts expected of carrying with the illegal money.

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