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    India is coming out of extreme poverty, what could be the reasons attributed to it?

    According to a research, India has lost its number one position to Nigeria in the number of persons living in extreme poverty and by 2030 there may not be any extreme poverty in India.That means standard of living in India is increasing. It is a welcome sign. A person is in extreme poverty if he is living on less than $1.9 per day. What reasons can be attributed to such an upliftment? Is it the Government policies for pro-poor or is it India's economic growth?
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    I think the reasons for this are more and combination of many reasons. The chances for earning are increased. Earlier days we were getting people very easily. But these days people are costly. We all think that there is an increase in unemployment. But earning avenues increased. Ultimately more money has come into circulation. Getting a good man for a job is becoming a problem.
    Jobs in organised and unorganised areas are increasing. So for any person opportunities are coming but the only thing is we are not able to make use of these opportunities positively.

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    As I have gone through the details, this report has been generated from

    World Data Lab which is a social enterprise being involved in compiling the data reports of live economic, demographic, and health information for every countries in the world. As per report, every minute, 44 Indians rise above the extreme poverty line & if this rate continues than possible by 2030 the extreme poverty can be eliminated. Although this doesn't depend upon in any single factor but still looking at the positive side this could be possible even before this prescribed duration. I am saying so because of the innovative ways in which the policies are being adopted & are being implemented.

    In addition there are other agencies such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, depicting that overall global poverty is in steady decline with having much of the progress led by China and India. On the other hand The World Poverty Clock shows only 5.3% of India's population remains in extreme poverty & India is about three times over its poverty reduction rate target of 11 people per minute.

    So considering the above, the exact figure could be fluctuating from the ground reality which could also be deviating from one agency to other because the sources of these information are just an estimation of the data collected on random basis.

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    What I feel that if a person can get a daily labor and paid the respectful wage of 500 oer day, he can live happlily without hunger or poverty. In Hyderabad, the government is providing food for just 5 rupees and apart from that many temples are providing Annadhaan for the poor throughout the year. So food availability is mitigated to large extent. And next comes the staying problem. And for the really poor and needy , the government is giving them the shelter in the community buildings which has all the facilities and then comes the clothes. Even on every festivity new clothes are given to the poor. What else they want ?
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    If a free and rich society cannot help the many who are poor Indians, then I am pretty sure, it will not save the few who are rich or well-to-do.

    This is not a good sign of Indian Economic Growth. Take and isntance of poor farmers committing suicides. Take an instance of intilliegent graduate students commiting suicides. These people are working very hard to financial support families but couldn't meet both ends and our Government are doing nothing. I also agree that we should not depend on Government for everything but that doesn't mean that our Government should sit hand on hand reading only the publicity of their CRAP works and initiating waste schemes after schemes on the Newspapers.

    By 2030,there will be no poor because the rise in death race will tremendously increase and only rich people will be able to grow plants and vegetables because by 2030 all the poor farmers will be no more. The standard of living has has increased along with empty stomach.

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    It is a very good news but it is quite natural to me. Indians are educated, cultured, hard-working, ready to take the reasonable but intelligent risk. They are intelligent with a strong family bond and value system. It is simply not possible for Indians to remain eternally poor. India is destined to be one of the two most powerful nations of the world in not-so-distant future.
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