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This thread is the Special Prize Winner of the Topic based TOW contest for the week 24th Jun'18 - 30th Jun'18 - Dream-catcher
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    The power of belief in the ancient legend of dream-catcher!

    Swetha, a single mother,an analytical IT expert, was lost in her thoughts at work. She feared return home and endure another nightmare.Her only 5 year old daughter Sonam, used to cry and suffer waking up with nightmarish dreams. Sadly, she was abused recently at a park, both mother and daughter were going through an agonizing period.

    Swetha did all she could, she got the best, expensive professional psychologist to help Sonam but was in vain. Desperately, she contacted her sister who lived in Mississippi, USA.

    Two weeks later, she received a suprising parcel from USA. It was a simple wooden ring with woven net and feathers. It was called the 'Ojibwe dreamcatcher'. The only instruction was 'hang this just above the bed of her daughter and trust in God'.

    Without much hope, Swetha trusted in the dream-catcher, she surprisingly found that Sonam's nightmares were becoming less and less, she slept peacefully and in a few weeks, she forgot her traumatic experience. She grew with a passion to help children facing emotional challenges. Wherever she went, she never left her dream catcher behind.

    Years flew by, Sonam got a scholarship to do her graduation in Child psychology at University of Mississippi. Swetha flew to her sister's home and started the admission process. On the second day, a wise old American native Indian looking grandmother visited them. On seeing the dream catcher in Sonam's room, the old lady with a wrinkled face but sparkling eyes said, looks like the dream-catcher did it's work!.

    With disbelief, Swetha asked the old woman what she meant, the old lady was in fact a maid at her sister's home. She belonged to the Ojibwe tribe of native Indians from were the dream-catcher legend originated; on hearing the plight of the Sonam as a child, she has sent across the dream catcher with all the blessings.

    With tears in her eyes, Swetha hugged the old lady and said, I wouldn't be able to thank you enough for kind gesture, which brought my child back to me at that crucial time. The old lady smiled and said, how ever much the world changes and new things come, one should still have belief and trust in God and some traditions.

    Swetha said, yes, all the money, modern technology and medical advances couldn't do what your simple wooden dream catcher did. Yes, I believe in the higher power and of course the legend of dream catcher is true.

    My entry for the TOW- Dream-catcher
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    A good creation. Sometimes Miracles happen. After it happens the scientists will try to bring out some logic and theory to explain the whole episode. But all actions and gestures of God can not be explained with logic. That is why we call Him the Supreme
    always confident

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