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    What if the Earth starts revolving in a reverse way

    Imagine if the earth revolved backwards and we went back to a past stage. What would happen? Let your imagination roam free and share some interesting thoughts in this thread.

    Have you ever thought about this?

    I was watching a Superman Movie in which his girlfriend meet with an accident and died. The great Superman flew into space and with his power, he forced the Earth to revolve reverse way. What happened is for some time everything moved back in time and that way he got his girlfriend life back!

    It may be the imagination of the movie director but what if it happened in real. Will we go back to our past?

    Members, please reply with some interesting facts.
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    No. All our houses will fell down. Running of time is not dependent on earth movement. Sun will be moving irrespective of earth moment and direction and time will be going ahead only. Practically going back into past is never possible. These are all imaginations and no logic is involved. If the direction of the rotation changes, at the time of changing, the houses will fall down and after that, we may have to change the design pattern of buildings.
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    The speed and direction of earth rotation is set by the God who created this universe. He is a great thinker, planner and executor. All the heavenly bodies rotate in one direction except the planets Raghu and Kethu which rotate in opposite direction. It is like a top that has been set to roll continuously. It will never stop and cannot be put to roll in the reverse. Even if the earth is put back in the reverse, nothing will go wrong. All will be safe. Pakistan will see the sunrise before India.
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    Are you asking about a sudden shift or imagining a scenario where earth always rotated from east to west?
    Well, for starters, Sun would rise in west. That would mess up present time zones. The wind directions would change and India might either turn into a desert or get flooded.
    There would be a tremendous effect on moon. Moon would now be rotating and revolving in the same direction of earth, so I speculate we won't be able to view moon. Without moon many creatures, navigating through dark would die. Since the wind directions changed navigation would be through entirely different routes. I speculate that magnetic field of earth too might change. That would mean a brief time without a magnetic field ( a hundred years atleast) which would leave earth bare to be struck by repetitive solar storms, which no living complex organism can survive. So pretty much only primordial microbes will survive that solar apocalypse.
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    Wow in that case I would get back my childhood again, I shall then play lots of things with the available toys which were denied to me in the past. I shall be visiting and having blast with my old friends. I shall revisit my primary and high schools sections and cherish the moments with great friends. I shall again try the football and cricket with same cricket team and this time try to prove as all rounder. And above all I shall get back my parents who are died. I shall also get back my elder brother who died. So there would be all round happiness when we get things of past which were even remembered today. I shall get my teen age back and so my lover who was missed by a whisker. My old employer and the colleagues would be met and that would be reunion of many happenings. I really want the Sun to revolve backward for once.
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    Sci-fi movies are great and mostly are mind blowing brilliant. They come up with think out of the box ideas. However, if it really happens then it will only trigger unexpected. If you take an example of superman movies trying to save his girlfriend or wife then he is putting all the human race in jeopardy. Everything will go in distruction and is against God.

    Not only Superman movie has this situation but also, the Doctor Strange movies has a Infinity Time Stone to reverse the time or to pause the time. In reality if such things happens the world will suffer and nothing will remain.

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    Time and all the mathematical calculations are done and created by the human after seeing the stars, moon and earth rotations. I don't think if the Earth revolves reverse way, we will go back to the past time. It is just an imagination and nothing.

    The earth rotation was not as fast as it today, there was time during the birth of the Earth. Its rotation time on her orbit was 6 hours. At that period, a day was completed in 6 hours. Later after changes in period and atmosphere, the Earth rotation time came to 24 hours. Had the Earth moves reverse way, our Astro calculation would have accordingly. Time would not run in the past but yes, as the members had said, the weather of our atmosphere would have been different, the Sun would have risen from the West and US would have the first country where the Sun rays reached at first instead of Japan as today.

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    There is no meaning in believing something which is never possible. This was ok till the time I was still small & not able to analyses the things but things have changed a lot since then.

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    If Earth starts revolving in the opposite direction, we will feel that the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East. But for that nothing will happen. Now we find the Sun rise at East, and setting at West. One cannot connect the past and future with this earth's rotation.

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