Schedule of Contests: July 2018

Starting with the month of July this year, we will be putting a thread at the top of the forum to alert members of forthcoming contests which are time-bound. Contests which require quick answers with entries having to be sent within 24 hours will be intimated here at least two or three days in advance.

General contests, such as an active GD or a creative story writing contest, which can accept entries over a period of some days or a week or more will not be mentioned here. Also, brief, on-the-spot fun activities with or without limited time will not be alerted here, as those will not have high rewards like for main contests.

Since this thread does not require responses, it will remain locked, to be opened by an editor to inform ISCians of an upcoming contest. Everyone is expected to check this thread on a daily basis so that you do not miss out on any time-bound contest. The listed schedule will remain even after a contest closes so that you are aware it was announced beforehand and to give new members knowledge of the type of contests conducted at ISC.

Note: The approximate time of the contest will be given. It need not be exact due to possible factors delaying it, but we will definitely try to announce it within at least 30 to 45 minutes of the time mentioned. In case a contest is cancelled due to unavoidable reasons, an editor will mention it here itself, against the contest's name listed below.

July Contests' Schedule:
1. Identity Puzzles contest: Sunday, 1st July, 11a.m. (wait for a while after the announcement for the attachment to be uploaded)
- Announced at 11.17a.m.

2. A Surprise Riddle: Sunday, 22nd July, between 11.30 a.m. to 12noon (wait for a while after the announcement for the attachment to be uploaded).
- Announced at 11.37a.m.