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    We are the real dream catchers for our families

    The subject may be a wonder for you but it is true that we are the real dream catcher for our family. When we are born our parents have seen a lot of dreams related to us. Our partner dreamed after our marriages. Our children have a lot of dreams when they see us daily. So, we are the real dream catchers for our parents, partner and children.
    Our partner and children generally tell us their dreams but the parents do not share their dreams with us. So, find out their dreams and try to fulfil them.
    So, don't only be the dream catcher for the family but also try to fulfil their dreams.

    This the entry for the TOW contest .
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    Good attempt by the author to explain the responsibilities of the individual in taking care of the family As a responsible member of the family we should see that our family members will catch their dreams. As an individual, we should dream about the society also and we should see that our dreams are fulfilled.
    always confident

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    Yes parents have their own dreams on the children and they always cherished good moments with the children. But when the children goes out of country for greener patches, the parents gets dejected and their whole dream of having their children with them and cherish every moments of life is defeated. Some parents are unable to perform marriage to the children who have crossed age , wont listen to get married and that bothers them much as the very purpose of giving good education is to look after them at the fag end of life which was completely snatched from them.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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