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    IPL is an opportunity for young Indian cricketers - but where are they?

    The IPL is a good platform for new cricketers and yet we do not see them later, with the same players being picked for the national team. Why is this so? Share your views.

    Despite the gigantic cricket tournament IPL in India, where are the new emerging young players?
    Why only the renowned names get picked again & again?
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    No new players are also emerging. Without our notice also many old players are out of the team and new players are emerging. Especially in the bowling department, we are seeing many new players are coming in. Once we thought that there is no replacement for Tendulkar, Dravid and Ganguly. But after their retirement, new players came and our team is maintaining its winning phase constantly. Similarly, we were of the opinion that there is no replacement for Harbhajan. Now we see many spinners who outplayed him. So we need not think that new players are not emerging. they are coming and making their mark and going. Now a day will come to Dhoni will also be out and a better replacement for him will also emerge. This process is ever going and continuous. If it is stopped that is the end of the game for the country. This happened in our Hockey team. Oce upon a time Indian Hockey team is the best team. But they have taken care of training boys and bring them to the game. So we have lost that name.
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    Cricket has become big business and the stake holders are minting money and so the government too. Yes those who have already established as great players are picket up again and again and the amount they get per head is also whooping. New emerging players are not given the chance as they are not having the push or the pull access with the Board of Cricket in India. Previously the players in local matches who were excelling used to be spotted and selected, and now even to qualify for such events one has to have the recommendations of the sports authority of the particular state and so on.
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    In India, there are many good sportsman in Cricket. While it is considered as one of the best and popular game in our country, new cricketers can't be recognized easily. Cricketers are considering celebrities in India. The recommendation can be obtained either by playing the district level, and state level.

    Playing cricket in these levels will get to know you by many fans if one played well. Gradually, new players are intriguingly participating in this sports in two levels to make a step further ahead.

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    It is not that players are not selected from IPL. Spinner Chahel, R.Aswin. Rayudu, Bhumrah, Ravindra Jadeja are all selected after their super show at IPL. However, IPL should not be a perfect platform to judge the potential of a perfect cricketer. IPL is 20-20 format where everything goes fast, the batsman has no time to settle down and totally depend on their shots. It may a perfect entertainment but not a perfect cricket.

    The actual character of cricketers can be seen in three days or a five-day game where the bowlers too get the equal opportunities. Where one needs to stand on the pitch with both temperament and class. Anyone one can become a hero in T-20 on their day but becoming hero on test match is not so easy. That is why not every player get selected from IPL but those who have the potential to play a test match.

    Have you seen how fast an innings get over nowadays in a test match? The waiting temperament is gone. In the end, I will only say that IPL has damaged more to traditional cricket. Let it be just for entertainment purpose.

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    This is to be noted that a team comprises of best of the options available & so they are already there & performing well. In addition, this again required some appreciations from a good source & so politics is also involved in it. This all makes the entries of new comers not possible.

    In the latest, the son of Sachin Tendular has been chosen for India Under-19 team to face Sri Lanka next month. What do we have to say in here?

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    So from the Ved Prakash submission and my apprehension it is proven time and again that push and pull is playing vital role in cricket and those who are ordinary persons and performing wont get selected in nationals.
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    Many of us think that performance in Ipl is only considered for selection in indian team. But my friend this is not the case. Selection in indian team is made by considering a individual's performance in various national level tournament such as ranji trophy, etc. Though nowadays ipl is one of the main platform for the younger players to come into limelight and prove their worth. There are many young players who achieved success mainly due to ipl. Few of them are chahal, hardik pandya , jaspreet bumrah, etc are current indian players who came into focus because of ipl. Currently younger players like ishan kishan , rishabh pant etc are also proving their worth in ipl, apart from their performance in other national tournament.

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    Prasoon please do not pull old threads henceforth as it is against the rules of this site. And editors please lock this thread.
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