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This thread is the Special Prize Winner of the Topic based TOW contest for the week 24th Jun'18 - 30th Jun'18 - Dream-catcher
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    The dream catcher's mission.

    "Officer Richard to Bob from unit 1", said the chief of Dream catchers,"the nightmare took a steep swerve to the left". Bob started pursuing it in his car. "Sir, it is off the radar now. I can't spot the nightmare anywhere." In came one more call from Richard," Randy is having panic attacks in sleep once again. That means the nightmare is still live. We can't leave it unattended. Randy has an exam tomorrow and he needs his sleep. We have to apprehend and neutralize this nightmare at any cost. The dream catchers are filtering the whole Dreamland in search of this terrifying nightmare. There is no way we're losing it." After these hopeful words, nightmare did appear in the radar finally, hiding behind a wish-fulfilling tree. Bob asked Teresa,"Got any cigarettes on you? Wish-fulfilling trees only wake up to smoke. They think they're on fire or something". But Teresa didn't have any. Bob had quit cigarettes only recently. Nightmares run at supersonic speeds and touching them with bare hands would make dream catchers disappear at once. "Where there is smoke, there is fire", said Bob and started revving his car up. This made a lot of smoke diffuse towards the tree and the tree woke up. Bob called out to the tree:
    " Now that you are awake, I call upon thee.
    I have but one wish, wish-fulfilling tree.
    To put an end to all nightmares is what I wish for.
    So Randy can have a good night's sleep."
    Wish-fulfilling tree obliged and in an instant it impaled the nightmare hiding behind it with its sharp roots. The nightmare went paralyzed. Bob quickly ran to the nightmare and sucked its life away through a dream-catching charm. "Mission accomplished sir," Bob reported to the headquarters.

    Richard came onto to the dias to appreciate Bob and Teresa for their successful operation. He then facing all the Dream Catchers spoke,"Our host Randy, is a student who works really hard. His stress from the day manifest as nightmares in night. We Dream Catchers have an incredibly important job of neutralizing these wile nightmares. Without us, Randy will have these reoccurring nightmares every night. Cadets. Next night, when you all leave for your hunts, remember Randy alongside yourself and your family. Randy's comfort is of utmost importance. Dreamland is a land of sweet dreams and no nightmare may step its wicked foot here".
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    The dream catcher mission on nightmare was well presented with good narration and with out of box context which must have the patient to read and appreciate. Good attempt.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author made an attempt on his own to explain the dream catcher's mission. A good presentation and a unique way of narrating the story. My congratulations to the Author.
    always confident

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