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    Why ZERO points for all my Ask Expert Answers?

    The rules of all section changes and its hard to follow up. If ISC rules for specific sections are updated, then it should be pinned on the top page so that most members including newbies will understand it.

    I am not going all around the threads of AE to put my response for CC. But the penalty for violation vague rules doesn't mean that concern editors should approve my answers and reward me nothing. No points, no CC and no revenue shares. This is a slippery slope. If you think that I was violating rules of AE section by posting answers to six months old questions, they why did you approved my answers. It should have been better if you simply delete my answers. But what is the meaning of approving my answers and rewarding me nothing. What does zero points mean? Is this some kind of punishment. If I was going against ISC AE rule then please lock the threads that are six months old.

    Some editors write to me, that why should they go all around 10 years AE and lock them all since it is time consuming. Whatever, it is the duty of the editors to go through 10 years or six months old threads of AE and locking them manually. Believe me it will only take a day or week to lock them all. If I can post 200 AE responses in 4 days, you can simply lock all the Old AE threads in 1 day because AE editors are many.

    Some editors also said that, one can respond to AE old threads if it constants less information or insufficient information. I did the same thing. I didn't go all around the AE section trying to accumulate points and cash credits. At least 1 points should rewarded for that long answers. It is badly affecting my revenue, hard work and reputation.

    Now can you please update me the new rule of AE.
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    John, your concern is under consideration. Please be patient. And, revolting against an established guideline does not help. An answer to old questions will be approved with cc and points only if you add on to the responses already available. I suggest you follow the guidelines instead of trying to find fault with the editors.

    Please wait for a response from one of the editors in the section.

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    Sir, I am not at all asking to credit my answers with Cc and good points considering the quality and lengthy of my answers. If the AE rule is that members must not respond to six months old threads then I admit, I have gone against the rules and I deserve the punishment. But, most threads with two to three answers are not locked and I was tempted to put my responses.

    If I deserve the punishment, then please I am not all asking for excuses. But, I deserve one (1) points because Editors has approved my answers. Doing so will not discourage me including other members.

    After all I wanted to bring this to Editors attention. Lastly, I'm not trying to find any fault. I am just asking to credit 1 pints because my answers are approved. If I am going against the rule, then the ISC AE section rule is also going against its rule.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    John Theo Sang,

    It is not feasible to lock all the threads which are more than six months old. It is mandatory on the part of the member who is responding to the AE question to ensure that the guidelines are strictly adhered to.

    However, we will review your posts again to see whether the response given by you gives added value to the responses already available there and points/c.c would be given accordingly. There is no question of giving at least 1 point each to all the responses to the old threads as requested by you. Yours is not the unique case alone to take care and all such responses are being dealt as per the guidelines.


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