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    Consumerism, at the cost of human relationships?

    The advent of economic reforms, combined with the massive advances in the electronic media and the social media, has created a consumerist India. An India that even affects the lower middle classes. Not a single day passes when there is some advertisement or the other, prompting people to buy a who range of electronic goods, on even zero interest and easy installment basis. Housewives pester their husbands to go in for some scheme or the other, and the family always has some debt or the other.

    Increasing consumerism has meant, less human relationships. Whatever exists, is based on a kind of crass commercialism. Even among relatives, there is a craze to compete on "what have you?" and so on. Very young children get used to so many material goods at such an young age and hate the elders who advise them on anything.

    One really wonders: where will all this lead to?
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    In the present day world, the human relations are taking a back seat. Commercial nature of the people is coming out openly. If I get some advantage by contacting someone I will never hesitate to contact him and ask for the help. At the same time, if somebody asks me for a help, I will show the least interest. By helping him I may not be getting any extra benefit and hence I will not show any interest on that issue.
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    Definition of consumerism as the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically desirable could be different for different people. So why can't this be taken on a positive note that this will encourage for more growth & increase in jobs. So, how that consumerism does relate to "less human relationships"? I don't feel so but rather we are more into businesses with an aim for survival & for living a leisurely life in whatever possible ways. The best way is to compare with your stand because we can't help in the case of others. If I takes an instance of myself than I am not attracted to the affairs of this world but instead works on the basis of my need.

    This is the undeniable fact that because of competition the companies are less defensive but more in the attacking mode. These have been formed to a cut throat competition or for few these have become a do or die situation. The need for increasing market capturing with an aim for acquiring of more capital which is required for any businesses & this very thing shows the increasing consumerism but again the perspective would be different to different individuals.

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    This thread on consumerism is referring to human relations . True, there is a relation between these. However, consumerism do affect negatively the attitude for self production. In fact the interest for producing even the eatables are getting reduced because of the consumerism attitude. These days everything is available in the market, hence why must spend time on making, that is the attitude.

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    We are in an age of modernisation and consumerism and the younger generation is now totally in its grip. The spider web of advertising and publicity is forcing the gullible minds to purchase more and more, even beyond their capacities and ultimately they are suffering in an financial crisis.

    The business houses are luring the customers in one way or other only to make him habitual of unnecessary shopping and indulgences in totally absurd household items. He is losing his creativity and knowledge to use minimum items in the household for maximising the productivity. In fact people are simply purchasing gadgets never to use them.

    Why we are blindly running after these things is a question which ponders in our mind only not to get an suitable answer. It is true that purchasing power of many individuals had risen but it does not mean that we should sink our money in unnecessary consumerism.

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    As the population of India is increasing day by day, the demand for the products and services also rising tremendously and thus consumerism plays important role. New products from other countries are test marketed here and it is seen that those products which are failed in other countries at the face of it, are being marketed vigorously and thus India has become dump yard for brands which are not seen after some time and when the consumer wants to dispose of the the product or service, there is no takers and most of the customers suffered a loss.
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    This unhealthy trend is bound to increase day by day. People are not satisfied with what they achieve, they want to achieve more. They want to enjoy more. As a result, there is a rat race to excel. There is rampant consumerism at the cost of human relationship. We may try to slow down the progress of consumerism and strengthen the bond among the relatives and friends, but it is a losing battle.
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