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    Kindly help by explaining the process of providing a link to any article

    Since am new to ISC, am unable to understand some high-tech things. My daughter helped me on an earlier occasion, but am still not able to understand how to provide a link to my article on "Top Ten superb localities to live in Chennai" in the forum announcement page.

    Members may please refer to this article and explain step after step in great detail, so that I understand every step of the process. Am now familiar with HTML tags like H2 or H3 but am unable to understand this tag thing. Please do note that my article has already been approved. However, I do not know how to link that with the announcement page.

    Please do help me out.
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    AB Sivakumar,

    Please refer: How to create a hyperlink? . On that page, when you scroll down you will see the exact tag given, starting with A HREF. Simply copy-paste that and (i) replace url with the URL of your article; (ii) replace anchor text with the words of the title of your article, which is Top Ten superb localities to live in Chennai.

    Let us know if further guidance is required. Members will help you out.

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    The best way to remember it that remember the below text. Or save it somewhere for your future reference.

    < A HREF=your article link or URL>Title

    I am sorry, it's not coming completely, after Title you have to close it with < /A > (without any space).

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    You just need to learn the basic of HTML tags from online and its free.

    If you want to embed an article to your post, make sure you copy the URL Link of that article. Open the article by clicking on Top Ten Superb Localities to live in Chennai link and click on the browser and copy

    Please note that, this is just an example link. Or you can press and hold the "Top Ten Superb Localities to live in Chennai" article link from your browser and click on "Copy LINK Address. Once you copied the link, you need to configure HTML tag to embed in your post.

    < a href=

    After the (aspx) you need to close it using Less than character (>). That is < a href= > Top Ten Superb Localities to live in Chennai

    The space is only for < a href=

    Please remove space except for these codes.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    The above instructions are ok but don't forget to submit because it's only after posting that the link would be active. Pl. do it.

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    My article for the double reward program is

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    Mr. Sivakumar: You have missed the first part of the command. Please rectify it and give the link in the relevant thread, not here.
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    Partha Sir, I am now able to understand most of it, except that the link does not have the blue colour. Why is this? Is it because I have posted it here? Unfortunately, there was no internet for several hours in my place and I could get any guidance at the right time. Am still a bit unclear about the whole thing, and will be grateful if you can please clarify this a little better. I have tried to follow the instructions but am still unable to get the right thing. Please guide me.

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    AB Sivakumar,

    In response #640975, you have
    (i) not put the single quote symbol of ' after the equal symbol =
    (ii) not put the < symbol before the backslash A i.e. /A.

    Try it again, please.

    Note: Since you have mentioned your article in the main announcement thread and the article has been submitted within the closing date, it will be accepted. It is in any case not a contest but a double reward program, so if a member has missed out on giving the direct link, it can be put in later. I will put in the article link on your behalf over there, but only after you learn the correct way to put the link!

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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