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    Please have a check on your children's social media involvement

    A couple of days ago, I was shocked to know that a particular rowdy who was connected to my friend's daughter, only through Facebook, threatened her that he would share the selfies that he took with her, on Facebook, if she refused to date with him. This girl had apparently thought that the fellow is a nice fellow. Fact is, he is just a total stranger, who got in touch only through Facebook.

    Since she had shared her workplace details, he had narrowed down on knowing her cell number through someone else. What had started as friendship has become a serious affair. More so, since the girl's parents have already identified a suitable match for her, elsewhere. Only now, the parents know about all this Facebook contact.

    Wisely, the girl had the guts to lodge a police complaint. A very highly placed Chennai police official, took the matter so seriously. The boy was thrashed black and blue and all selfies were erased. His mobile was taken over by the police. The boy apologized in presence of his parents.

    This is a big problem now. Please do keep a big watch on your children's involvement in Facebook and do not allow them to share all personal details. No friendship with strangers is ever advisable.
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    Sharing photos in Social media, chatting with unknown people in Social media and giving personal details on social media is not good. Especially young girls should be very careful. All people are not really for true friendship. They want always some fun and entertainment with innocent girls and exploit them afterwards. So parents should have a watch on the moments of their wards. They should explain their children about the problems they may have to face if they do these unwanted activities. Sometimes we should be watching their moments and activities. The author should be thanked for raising such a good thread.
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    I really appreciate the Author for coming up with post.

    Social Media's are becoming more and more popular. However, one must remain caution when scenting friends request, and accepting it. It is very hard to believe in people these days especially in social media. There are many Facebook users from aimless, lazy saints to professionals.

    Another one is protecting your privacy. People often take personal photos and share it to social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram are becoming more and more dangerous and undity. Unexpected relationships starts because of our fault. We invite worries and dangers because of our fault. Our family members gets in trouble because we take it normally saying, "Not a problem, Let it go off" and "It's just a normal part of growing up", and etc. If parents refrain from providing mobile phones then there will be no problem. We all know that, it's really dangerous out there in social media's.

    Protecting privacy by not sharing genuine photos except the straight forward looks on Facebook or other social media sites is high recommended. One can put a PHOTO Guard to protect others from downloading your profile pictures.

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    I am absolutely in agreement with the author but the question is that is it possible?

    The social media is available 24*7 in the mobile also & in the meantime every individual in this world has been carried away with this electronic gadget, the so called the mobile. The computer or the laptop is no more a constraint for any of us. In addition the sites are also equipped with the passwords which make it not possible for others to access.

    So what options we are left with in order to have a close watch. The most important thing is to pick some time from our busy schedule & discuss openly with the children so as to observe the changes in them. Even educating them with the latest trends with an updating from time to time could also prove the essential way of controlling the things. It's also a good suggestion of not to give a go ahead with the strangers in the first place.

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    This is one more classic example through which children are getting attracted to fictitious face and persons and made to believe as ideal and then start love making. Facebook has been targeted by the gullible crooks who want to corner the likes of a girl and then deceive her. This has been happening in many homes but are not reported in the media or press. In this case I appreciate the girl for revealing this to her parents and necessary action taken. By the way , why the girls are so indulging in gossiping and chatting on internet and that too with a unknown person. We have to blame the girl and also the parents who are not keeping a eye on the movements of the children. Nevertheless this is the lesson even for every parent, especially those who have the girl child, that they should not have facebook account on real name and unnecessary personal chatting must be avoided.
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    The world is full of crooks and cheats and they were there for quite some time even before Facebook or any such social media came in existence. These people lured the children of tender age and exploited them. They were doing it at the end of the school classes or in a park or public places where they had short opportunity to get acquainted with these youngsters.

    The young people especially girls are very vulnerable to such disguised attempts and become a victim of their innocence.

    Now social media has made the work of these wretched people much easier as everything is hidden and behind a curtain till the final ordeal. There are negative sides also associated with the technological advancements.

    It is high time that parents should be very vigilant and educate their children about these serious threats of the social media interactions. They should be told not to chat unnecessary with unknown people. We should educate them to understand the difference between the thrill and the threat. It should be done in time and as early as possible as nowadays children have access to the gadgets easily. There is no point in crying over spoilt milk.

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    I am not in favour of keeping tabs on your children's social media activities. Definitely not when the child is an adult. It would be an intrusion into their privacy.

    What parents need to do instead is to educate their children. Speaking to them about the good and the bad, from a very young age, is going to have a better impact on them, rather than snooping on their activities.

    Be accessible to your child, at all times. Listen to them, spend time with them, talk to them, advise them, have discussions with them on all the wrong that is going around in society. Arm them with knowledge, so they can tell when something is not right.

    Teach your child to make wise decisions. A child who knows that befriending strangers on the social media can be dangerous will definitely ignore friend requests from unknown people.

    Parents have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their children, and they also have a responsibility to inculcate right values in them. It would be nice to see people encourage their sons to be morally right.

    That is the problem with us, we always advise the victims on how to behave, but do not send out a message that it is the perpetrators that need to be guided. Mould your sons so they don't grow up into criminals.

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