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This thread is the Special Prize Winner of the Topic based TOW contest for the week 24th Jun'18 - 30th Jun'18 - Dream-catcher
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    Catch the Dream which Keeps you Awake , Then you may not need a Dream–Catcher.

    Dream – Catcher is needed to get a Good Sleep with Good Dreams, But If you Dream a Dream which keep you awake and won't let you sleep until you achieve it, then you can be having great life ahead. But that Dream must be integrated with your Passion, your goal, your future.

    I have seen many people who lives unsatisfied lives in their job/professional life. Because they don't want to do it and their passion is somewhere else. There may be many reasons for it, family circumstances or too risky to achieve it or may be something else. They simply didn't go after their passion. Similarly I have seen some people who are earning less but they are happy with what they are doing. As a young people we always used to think of our future and dream something big. But you align it with your passion, that dream won't let you sleep, it will haunt you like you want to go after it, you want to achieve it. If you ever come across such dream, don't let it go. It needs lots of courage, determination , hard work and what not everything to achieve it. Even though it's too difficult, risky to achieve but it's where your happiness lies. Approach in proper way, work hard , plan it and then achieve that dream, Once you achieve such dreams, your life is more happier itself and you don't need any dream catcher to be happy.

    Note : This is the entry for the TOW contest
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    I don't think that a dream catcher will see that you will get a sleep. But it will help you in not getting horror or bad dreams and see that you will not have a disturbed sleep. The theme of the posting is good. The focus should be on catching the dream which you got in your sleep. You should not have a sleep till you achieve the dream already you had. This is the way of a successful man in life.
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    Well that may not be possible. Dreams of varied nature do bother us and we actually get a relief of mixed variety of dreams and there fore cannot demand nor solicit such drams of our like only.
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