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    On the day of marriage, are the daughters really enjoy the day's proceedings as they have to leave ?

    Yesterday I had been to a marriage which was lavish and well organized. Well every one was enjoying the every bit of moments there, I was observing two persons very closely. That the father was very tensed as he as to part with the daughter for ever and the daughter is also seems to be beaming with smile but again her thoughts would go along with the father as she has to separate from the parents. Though she would be living in India but certainly not in her house and yesterday was her last day to see all. Really that was touching as sometimes I feel marriage is not a joy function but departing of bonded relations. What is your view ?
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    The event of marriage has slightly different perspective for the boy and the girl. While the boy has only one thought that he is getting a wife and starting a family, the girl has other emotions of leaving her parents and fear and apprehensions of the new place.

    So it is natural that a girl will have a mixed emotions and her behaviour and mood will reflect it.

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    In fact, these days either the boy or the girl is mostly not staying with their parents. They are staying separately in cities for their jobs.
    The travelling has become easy these days. The children can visit anytime their parents irrespective of married or not. So there will not be any necessity to feel that she is going to a new place and it is the last time to see their relatives. These days girls are more affectionate towards their parents and even though they are in their in-law's house, they keep more contact with their parents. So the days are changing. No parent need any tension or worry to send their daughter to her husband's house

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    My wife used to tell me that she did not cry on the marriage day for leaving her parents . This she reasoned that her parents have settled the alliance after proper enquiries and ensuring that their daughter will have good or better life that what she was till then. Then why should she cry? She has to go back to them with her husband and convinced that their daughter is living happily. She felt that the best way she can show them her love is to show them that she had followed their advice and what they taught and make a good family in the new place and house. That only will satisfy her parents.
    And we both could make it happen and make her parents feel happy and satisfied.

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    Nice response from Venkiteshwaran sir. But the marriages which were performed these days are with huff and without proper inquiries and hence having lots of apprehensions ?
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