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    The make believe world of children

    Isn't it fascinating to watch children at play? It does not matter if they do not have toys at hand. They can simply conjure up something magically - just anything! - out of things around them. A table with pillows propped up against the sides will become a house or a cave. A piece of cloth is a pond to jump over. Folded bits of paper is "treasure" to find.

    Then there are kids who are lost in their own imaginary world while they wait at a bank, at the post office, at the airport. There is the little girl who sits on a chair, folds a handkerchief and pretends it is something important, to be kept aside on the adjacent chair and not to be touched by anybody, stubbornly refusing to allow anyone to sit there. There is the boy who charges up the stairs of a mall with a small yell, brandishing an imaginary sword. There are the two kids playing in the soil of a garden, patting it, digging it, again patting it, jabbering away about something.

    Even when simply walking, small children sometimes can be seen just waving their arms and talking to themselves, in their own imaginary world.

    Oh, the innocence of childhood! How beautiful it is to see!
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    It is true. Once, a young child (4 years) started putting something resembling a stethoscope on her neck, and started calling her family members, relatives and friends one by one, and scribbled something in a paper bit. All enjoyed the scene. We thought she would become a Doctor and prescribe the real medicine to her fellow family members. Alas! when she completed her plus 2, I reminded her past attitude as a child, and asked her present choice as to what she would become. She said," Uncle, I do not like to see the blood and am afraid." I want to become a civil engineer. Children play different, think different, and do different.
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    It is a pleasure really watching kids. Today morning I was a little busy as I have to go to a temple where a special worship programme is planned. while I am getting ready I have not noticed that my granddaughter who was playing with her mother there. She started crying and staring at me. Then I have just get her up and spend some five minutes with her. She forgot everything and started laughing and playing with me. It has become a practice for me to take her with me out. But today I couldn't as she has to attend a programme with her parents. It is very pleasant to see the kids and their mannerisms. I see their smile pleasant and nothing expecting from us. that smile will give us a lot of pleasure. It is their actions and behaviour make us pleasant and happy.
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    By giving the narration , the author has taken me to my childhood days which were filled with fun, loving and lots of tantrums. Every child gives us the immense pleasure through their gestures and talking in their own sweet language. The other day our national anthem was sung by a small child of one year old and that was full of mistakes and yet the way she attempted to complete with foul and foolish interpretations of her own made every one to laugh. That was making rounds in social media. Nevertheless even a enemy and child hater would get laughs at the on going of the child and their nakras.
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    I always watch kids playing. If we watch them minutely, we can understand that some of them have leadership quality, some of them are imaginative and some are good planners. When I watch kids playing, I reminisce about my younger days.
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    Partha made an interesting observation. In group play, you do tend to see that a particular child will try to lead and plan the game in a sensible manner. You may also see one child trying to dominate and set the course of play, deciding on the type of game, the rules, etc. Another child who does not like this will protest. He/she will try to insist on his/her game, may even try to get others to protest and they may tell the first child that they won't want to play with him/her. There is once in a while a quarrel, but what I have found is that, eventually, everything gets sorted out in their own way and they start the game. This is how a real friendship will likely develop.

    I feel parents should not needlessly interfere when kids fight. There is sometimes pushing and shoving and somebody will go complaining to the parent that so-and-so pushed first. Children can be taught about saying sorry and making up, about fair play and sportsmanship and just having fun and enjoying the bonding with other kids. Parents could have a word in if it comes to outright bullying and too many constant physical fights where the likelihood of serious injuries wil occur.

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