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    Please remember this legendary South Indian actor

    As so many people do not know this popular Telugu actor name called S.V Rangarao one of the most versatile, natural and dynamic actors who can tell complex Dialogues with very ease whatever the character(portraying complex - social, biographical, and mythological characters). He acted for 30 years in film Industry. As he didn't get any prestigious award from the nation. Let Telugu and Tamil members of ISC, please wish him for his soul as it is our bounden duty. Knowledgeable members, please respond...
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    S V Ranga Rao is a very famous actor in Telugu Cinema Industry. He was in his best in many films and he was competing with the likes NTR and ANR in many movies to showcase his acting skills. If you remember the name of an actor who played the role of Duryodhana, I first remember his name and then NTR. His action as Ghatothgaja was superb and even today also no one can beat him in this role. He was a very great supporting actor who played many movies with NTR, ANR, Krishna and Sobhan Babu.
    I don't know that today is his birthday. He is really a blessed actor with a lot of positives in his credit. An actor whom can't be replaced by any new actors after him.

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    Sorry, for the wrong information his birthday is after two days
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    Who can forget the legendary S V Ranga Rao as he is the must actor to be taken in old films especially with a religious story line. I can remember his roles in Mayabazar where in he would eat dozens of big vessels of food as the Ghatodhgaj character to which even today his name cannot be forgotten. He is good at delivering lengthy dialogues of Pouranic nature and no other can do that with so ease. His tall and handsome personality matches to the same personality of NTR in those days and thus earned equal importance with name and fame which we cannot forget for this versatile actor.
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    SV Ranga Rao is my favorite actor who could play any character role. May it be a grand father; father; brother; husband; villain; king; minister; Ravaneswaran; Duryodhanan; Katothkach; and many roles that I haven't seen him in Telugu films. An unforgettable film personality of south Indian cinema.

    "Kalyana Samayal Saadham,
    Kaai Karigalum Prammadam,
    Intha Gowrava prasadam,
    Ithuve enakku pothum.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha . ...ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa."

    (A song from Tamil film Maayabazaar, acted by SVRanga Rao, and sung by Tiruchi Loganathan)

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    SV Rangarao is a Telugu man acted in Telugu films maybe he acted in Tamil Films.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    Though SVR is from AndhraPradesh with Telugu as his mother tongue, he is a very famous Tamil actor who has acted in many Tamil films. He has his original voice.

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    This is the first time I have come to know about this great actor of Tamil and Telugu cinema. I have also come to know that Shri Rangarao was born on 1st July. But no Member has mentioned his year of birth. I am interested to know that also.
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    As he acted 100+ movies in the Telugu language(the second largest spoken language in India) and he acted 60+ movies in the Tamil language. He was born on 3r d July 1918 but in Telugu Newspaper it was published as he was born on 1st July.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    The Samarla Venkata Ranga Rao, popularly known as S.V.R. having born on 03.07.1918 & died on 18.07.1974, was an Indian film actor, director and producer known for his works in Telugu cinema and Tamil cinema. The author has written that, "As he didn't get any prestigious award from the nation", but if I search the internet then he was also awarded with the below prestigious awards.

    International honors
    Best Actor Award for his portrayal of Keechaka in Nartanasala at the Third Afro-Asian Film Festival held in Jakarta - (1963)

    Rashtrapati Award for best acting
    Annai (1962)
    Sarada (1962)
    Naanum Oru Penn (1963)
    Karpagam (1963)
    Nartanasala (1963)

    Nandi Award for Best Actor
    Bandhavyalu (1968)

    Nandi Award for Best Feature Film (director)
    Chadarangam (1967) - Silver Nandi
    Bandhavyalu (1968) - Gold Nandi

    Filmfare Awards South
    Filmfare Special Award - South for Naanum Oru Penn (1963)

    Along with the above recognition he too was given the distinguished names as Viswa Nata Chakravarti, Nata Sarvabhouma, Nata Sekhara, Nata Simha. Considering all these he in no doubt is a proven versatile actor.

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    Sincere thanks to Mr. Ved Prakash Anand for detailed information on SV Ranga Rao. Now I have complete picture.
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