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    How can people become poor from rich?

    I have read about many persons who went from riches to rags. Normally, people will do some job or business and save enough money so that they won't face difficulty in future. It is said that once you earn certain amount of money, you need not to earn but your money will earn for you. Rich people means they will have enough money to spend and they will also have sufficient money to save. Then how can people become poor from rich?
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    Rich and poor are relative and depends on how we see it.
    The first aim is to have all the basic necessities-Roti, Kapdda, Makan(Food,shelter and clothing). Then comes other secondary needs. They then grow to more needs . Such needs of one may appear to be luxury for another.

    But taking the conventional meaning of Rich as we presume no, I can only say that with honest and hard work we can have an average life and lifestyle. That is, a middle class life. For higher Rich life the factors and elements are different. Not all will have a Rags to Riches story.

    If one can live happily and peacefully with whatever he gets or has then that is ideal.

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    The person who knows the difficulties in earning will be careful with the spendings. Generally, many people who acquire a lot of wealth from their parents don't know the value of money. They will become spendthrifts and their expenses will be on high always. When you don't work and earn and simply sit and spend the money as you like can't survive rich for a long time. I have seen many families who were rich but over a period of time they have become poor.
    Another point is fault prestige. We should spend based on our ability. We can't compare with the neighbour who is very rich and start spending like him, a day will come we will become poor. In my native place, there were two families. One family is very rich and having more than 100 acres of land and a business. The cousin brother of the head of the family stays in the neighbouring house. They were also well to do but not as rich as the other family. But they started spending like the other family and within four years they were to dispose of their entire property and leave the place due to debts.

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    If a person does not know how to spend wisely and rightly has every chance to loose the hard earned money within days and thus becomes poor and un cared in the society. I have seen many people being a government servant and having the worst habit of playing cards and going for horse race has destroyed and spent all their salary earnings, and even become pauper in the office by taking amounts in credits from the colleagues and thus degraded themselves in the society. They wont receive any sort of help or the hand from the others and thus they have to lead the miserable life.
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    The world is full of stories of people becoming rich from poor as well as poor from rich. There are many circumstances and reasons for that.

    If a person has earned sufficient money does not mean that he will be comfortable after that. Sometimes it happens that after he is retired from active service, he invests his earnings in some Govt or private securities and if the return from them is not sufficient he finds that his original chunk of money is going to be less effective day by day due to price inflation etc.

    Earlier, Govt had pension scheme for its employees which took care of this point to some extent. Now there is no pension and whatever is there is the meagre amount coming out of insurance annuities.

    I do not say that a person will become very poor due to above but yes his standard of living come down significantly.

    In many countries people work even after an age of 60 or 65 till they are physically alert and earn money to keep themselves financially stable.

    So it is possible that if a person has not put his earnings in proper channels where returns are good, he may soon find himself in a poorer state.

    Other than this, there are situations which are not under our control like displacement of people in war time or due to natural calamities from one place to another and leaving the property back home.

    So just earning some money does not warrant a financially viable state for remaining part of one's life until unless it is sufficient to take care of inflationary trends.

    Knowledge is power.

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