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    One year completed on GST implementation. What are your hits and misses.?

    We all know that the General and Service taxes were implemented across the country to have one tax one nation concept and on 1st July it has completed one year of implementation. The collection on GST has been rising and in June it collected 95,610 crores. What the government used to collect in one year, has been done in one month. While there is no negative talk about GST, the jewelers were asking to fix their demand on their issue and as usual the Congress is against the GST which says that it a bad words. So what is your view on GST so far. Are you taxed more or are you having some issues ?
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    The GST implementation in our country has clearly brought out the fact that if we have a uniform tax policy throughout the country alongwith its online governance, it will address many problems which were encountered there in earlier system of various taxes at various levels including cumbersome octroi one.

    The GST case history for last one year has clearly shown that if there is a political will, good things can be implemented.

    Interesting thing is that those who were earlier evading taxes even are not talking against this new regime of tax because they are getting many input tax adjustments etc in their GST return which they were not aware earlier.

    It also brings out one important observation now that in our country the lack of knowledge of general public is exploited by the opposition parties and as well by those who are affected by new tax regulations.

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    Yes. One year completed for GST. The tax collections are good and increased a lot. This is a positive point for the government. Tax evaders are decreasing and many are trying to go for payment of tax. More clarity has come to the people. Now it is the turn of the government to see that the money received should be used for the betterment of the country than their self bank accounts. The general public is now have a little knowledge but as pointed out by Umesh. The opposition is still trying to confuse the public by telling that GST scheme is a W asteroid and not good for the country.
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    The said implementation is a good step from Government of India. While it is good for Rich businessmen and those who are capable of paying tax and gaining the same profit. On the contrary, it is cutting the throats of common people lime me and like us.

    Take an instances of online shopping websites; Amazon, Flipkart, and PayTM. These companies have no loss. Meanwhile, the users and customers of India has to pay both delivery to offline and online tax, plus GST taxes from Rupees 40 to 100 which is a slippery slope. I think the government has no idea about what common people are going through. I am not against these tax. However, buying products from these sites are included in GST taxes. What an additional pain?

    Not only this, if you transfer money from PayPal to Bank, it also include GST. Another thing is, if you're adding monies to online wallets, then it also includes taxes. Taxes, taxes, taxes and taxes everywhere. On the top of this, if you buy a domain for INR 699, you'll have to pay 799 which GST is included.

    I am personally against these GST tax.

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