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    Under ground garbage system introduced in Surat should be the role model for other states.

    For many states, how to dispose of the daily piling garbage is the great headache and coupled with great planning as to whether the waste has to be burnt or reused or recycled. But garbage transfer and garbage yards have become the epicenter places for the diseases. And the garbage bins in every street corner overflows even the waste is not shifted for a day. In this regard the Surat civic authorities have hit upon the new idea to have the garbage bins beneath the ground so that the places are not occupied with piled up garbage. Good move and it must be implemented by other states too.
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    It is a real problem in many places. How to deal with is a big question mark. Some states are thinking of recycling and some are thinking about incineration. But the people are not still aware of the importance of garbage handling. They don't have a good discipline JN dealing with this garbage. They throw everywhere they like. They think that if they keep their house neat.
    The scheme of underground garbage filling bins is new. Still there are many doubts about this scheme. It is more or less like landfilling used in dealing with solid waste from industries. After filling these bins who are going to see that it will not overflow there. Dealing issues on the ground are always easy than dealing underground. So we have to wait and see what will be the outcome of this project.
    The State governments should chalk out a good scheme to handle with this helps of waste otherwise we all will land into big problem.

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    I don't think every states should introduce underground garbage systems. If a leak occurs, hazardous chemicals can contaminate groundwater in the region which will certainly effect the environment and living species on earth.

    Also, the biodegradable and garbage portion is mainly due to food, yard waste and our carelessness. Household products can harm the environment if you don't dispose of them properly. These products may include paint, oil and cleansers. The EPA asks people not to dump these products on the ground or pour them down the drain. Doing that could produce an environmental hazard that could harm others.

    Umping underground garbage, will avoid ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, which can multiply 100 times faster than normal in the warm stagnant water standing in scrap tire causing several illness. Open dump sites contains chemicals and contaminate wells and surface water used as a source of drinking water.

    Lastly, both the result has side effects either low or high.

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