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    Everything at your door steps – Is it a boon or a bane?

    With the advancement of technology and related businesses booming, do you think it is fine to have everything at your doorstep at the simple click of a few buttons in your gadget? Is it a boon or bane? Let us discuss the issue taking into account all the related factors.

    Ratan was taking rest at his room and woke up at 9.30 PM. The time of dinner at the hostel came to close and the poor guy has no mood to go outside and continued his sleep. But the hungry man was moving here and there at 11 30 in the night. He was looking at various Apps installed in his Mobile and Swiggy & Zemato are the two Apps loaded there to come to his rescue. He immediately checked them out and ordered for Veg Biryani at a cheaper cost. Within 40 minutes, he got his food stuff delivered and felt happy to have a nice dish even at that time.

    Thus right from LLR for driving to foodie items, we have the facility to have them without going anywhere via Mobile Apps. The idiot box initially has cut off our social stream from the neighbourhood and other relatives while this new technology, perhaps going to make us confine to the palm size electronic gadget at our house. This addiction of ours is being enchased by everyone right from the top political leadership to a Pizza boy putting me in a doubt – whether it is a boon or a bane. What do you say?
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    Well having everything at the door steps is not the good idea at all and I am against the concept. Why because these so called ordering apps are laterally making us immobile and lazy and that leads to obesity to all sooner. By going out and shopping or even for having food, we are exposed to varied variety and also mingling with those who are also regular to the stores and eat outs. By ordering food at the home , we are denying our own taste buds of varied food and also restricted to accept what ever brought to us. That means the taste may differ with good or bad aroma and we cannot even return the food nor get the replacements. Nevertheless the modern guys are getting more habituated to anything and everything be ordered through the online portals and feels that they are saving time and money. But they slowly making addicted to such marketing and purchases in future.
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    "Nevertheless, the modern guys are getting more habituated to anything and everything be ordered through the online portals and feels that they are saving time and money. But they slowly making addicted to such marketing and purchases in future."

    Yes, this is more alarming and the younger generation is slowly getting alienated with the social fabric and sometimes may lead them to depression. The parental care in this direction is more important now.


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    We already had a group discussion for the same. I am afraid, you're also accepting the ease life reluctantly. However, it's a choice for you to decide whether you want to implement the old fashion way of going to shop and buying stuffs by remaining luddite or implement the ease life which is obsolutely optional.

    Nothing is good or bad but your thinking made it so. The apps and technology is making our life easier in times of emergencies. It is a good alternatively option for people who prefer completely offline. Online ways of ordering products is an alternative option for all of us. Not everything can be sold online. One must decide whether we prefer the easiest or luddite ways instead of blaming the advancement of technology.

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    Only during few of the occasions I opt for hotel or the Dabha & this is mainly when I am tired from the office work or gets late in reaching home. But this is not a routine & so the current trend isn't a threat for us but while looking at the another way round then these facilitates us during the time we need them.

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    Too much addiction to these gadgets is not a boon as far as I am concerned. The life will become aloof and no human touch and a time will come your handphone may not come to your rescue. Then when you look around no helping hand will be seen to help you. You can't always live in the virtual world. You should spend some time in the real world also. Interaction with fellow human beings is very much required. If you have money in your bank you can do all transactions online and on phone. But some emergency comes and you want the help of a person you will fail to find at least one who will be coming forward to help you.
    So anyone has to think of these issues and see that they will spend some time with fellow human beings and have good relations with at least a few. In olden days people used to say even a gold plate requires the support of a wall to stand. Same is the case with a multimillionaire also

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    This is not really bad and really good habit to buy everything online, because we ordered some time product by paying money online but we not receiving product or we get bad quality product. So many fake profiles creating online to cheat us, we have to be care full while purchasing online..

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    This is definitely boon for different business owners and consumers too. Imagine you don't have transportation available so instead of spending on transportation , technology has made to get what you what at doorstep. This is reducing traffic and crowd in various business places. Country like India with 1.3 Billion population it is boon to have things at doorstep. This needs to be more sophisticated by involving small scale retailers business.
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    It varies from person to person. It is boon for people living in remote areas because they do not have big markets nearby. They have to travel to the nearby cities and spend a lot of time & money to get the things.

    It is boon for people who have less time. A person leaving his home at 8 AM & coming back at 9 PM would not have time, energy and inclination to go to local shopping centre for shopping. He will find it convenient to place an online order for his needs.

    Those living in urban areas have access to big markets and local shopping centres. So, it is bane for them. By not going to local markets, they miss out on physical activity and interaction with people.

    I think it is unwise to order everything online.

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    This is a lifestyle which will be there for the future generations. Every thing comes handy. It a sort of good. Any items we order are delivered to the doorstep. It could be from place 100km away or from an another country. Now these are not luxury it's part of life.

    Now we are discussing this topic sitting at home or office. Earlier we used to go get to a tea shop or library and discuss. But see it happend to us also without knowing.

    The negative aspect is the reduced socialisation, less real life friends.

    We are moving in this track, those moving out are left behind. Sad but true.

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    Dr Ashvin, please do not respond to old threads.
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