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    What are the advantages of same old boring articles on the first page?

    I barely and rarely pay a visit to article section. One thing I notice always is the same old boring articles on the top page of resource section. Honestly, it's not intriguing. The article titled, "How to earn money from ISC", and "How to earn money from Infolinks", along with posting guidelines articles which is really unnecessary. What I am suggesting is new and updated articles should display on the first and top pages of the article section.

    Everytime, if I have to read some articles, I have to skip the first page without even reading any titles. If you ask me to read out the title and whole article without looking it, then I would read out the whole contents easily. If somebody wants information about the same, then he will search it on Google.

    Is it really important to show old articles on the from page? Or, permission can be changed by setting the preferences to new members and existing members by displaying old make money, earn money etc articles for newbies and new updated articles for existing ISCians.
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    1. Yes, these are boring articles.
    2. But these boring articles are extremely useful not only to the new Members, but also to old Members like me. These articles are for reference purpose.
    3. Similarly, some old Forum posts are pinned in the Forum section for reference purpose.

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    @Partha, I see that you're a Diamond member with lots of contributions. If you have understood the guidelines then why go now and then to read that thread. You might have submitted an article once or twice. I just want to make sure that newer post should be displayed on the front page of article section. The updated and new articles will offer quality contents with interesting articles hiding the same old articles.

    Why not display on the title with 20 characters description pinned on top page instead of covering the full articles making it invisible for other articles.

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    Mr. John: Although I have been a Member of this site for more than 2 years 8 months, I still don't know many aspects of this site. Moreover, I am almost computer-illiterate. I do find these 'boring' pinned articles useful. I think other Members also find these articles useful. So, no Member (except you) has so far objected in this regard.
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    True, what you say is correct but only from a member's point of views. We come every day here and thus it looks boring. However, think of those new visitors who visit this site and those who are not members. For them, it will not be boring. All the pinned articles and threads are for the new visitors and members and not old members like us. Above all, only important article, thread and posts are pinned for the front page.

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    As the other two members Partha and Jeet Singh have said , it may be boring only for we the regular members who directly visit the articles page by selecting it.(Even we use those sticky pined articles for occasional reference )

    A new member may reach the ISC site, landing on its home page or may be led to a specific page from his specific search.

    Those who reach the home page just by typing '' will see the home page. There the recent submissions under different sections are given. There it is given "Recent Articles". The latest articles can be seen from there. Just above it are given the 'Featured Articles' which are of current importance and usually sought and searched by relevant people.

    For regular members we can know of latest submitted articles by scanning the 'New Posts' page.
    Even otherwise to know of latest submissions the article page has links to articles under various status as : New Submissions Pending Deleted Approved " etc.

    In case you want to see latest article posted, you can also type the URL you will see the latest articles.

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    They are reference documents. When we want to know something about those Danali's we can go through those articles. They are definitely useful for definitely to new members and they are need for senior members also to brush their knowledge from time to time. These are useful guidelines for new members in particular.
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    I don't feel either boring or of interest to me but instead I try to get something useful from it. The ISC is still a big platform & even the experts having to only few of the section in their access & so it's good to keep moving with our businesses. I am not able to spare much of the time & so whatever available to me is quite satisfactory to me but I would for sure wants to execute more of the options which I am capable of.

    In addition, I want to make a suggestion here that try to look at the things in a generalized way rather than having a personal look because the ISC team have already worked on those to make it simple & useful for its users.

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