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    Why are our Super-fast trains not even fast?

    The Lalbagh express is a "Super fast" on the Chennai to Bangalore track. It takes a full six hours. It has many stops vis-a-vis the prestigious Shatabdhi express which has just one. However, the Lalbagh express never reaches on time. The Shatabdhi express is more punctual, but it is for the super rich. The fares are quite high for any normal middle class person.

    The Lalbagh express is not even fast. I do not know why we call it "Superfast" when its actual speed is just around 54 kilometers per hour. Why should we pay a premium for such trains, that are always at least twenty minutes late, at the bare minimum?

    Members may please do share their views on similar trains too. Why can't we do something?
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    It is like our superstars of filmdom not performing well in all the films. Many a superstar films have been flop. Same is the case with the superfast trains that doesn't reach the destination on time. As the number of trains have increased, we are not able to provide fast track to these superfast trains. Even if they run fast, they are held somewhere for traffic clearance. The higher officials in the Indian Railways should sit and plan well to ensure that the superfast trains run at superfast speed.
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    This is due to the lack of atomization & due to the fact that most of tracks are old & weak & so often we see the train running in slow motion. This is due to the lack of replacement & the lack of maintenance to these tracks. In addition, the work load on these tracks are more in comparison to the increased number of trains & so new tracks are required to be installed.

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    There is a lot of improvement these days. Majority of trains are able to maintained their timings . 10 years back if one trainin ten trains was maintaining the timings the travellers are very happy. But these days 90%of the trains are maintaining the timings. All super fast trains are not like Rajasthani Expree. We can't expect every train to be like maintain. My this statement is purely my personal opinions n. The railways have many age old problems which are to be solved and it is all time taking process. Infrastructure limitations and the traffic
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    After reading this post I split into laughter as the author has brought the issue which was bothering me to raise one day or other in this forum. There is train called AP then and now it is called Telangana Express which was introduced by much fanfare by the then CM Anjaiah with 22 carriages for the first time in the history of SCR. The train was supposed to have stops at Kazipet, Ballarshah, Nagpur, Bhopal, Jhansi to the main station New Delhi. And the running time was 24 hours. Now the train has been made to stop even at small station , thereby making mockery of the super fast train tag to it.
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