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    How can Vijay Mallaya be cornered and brought to justice?

    A third rate crook like Vijay Mallaya has escaped to London. Luckily he is still not a fugitive. But he might as well soon become one.

    He has used all the loopholes in the law to escape. What is the exact position. One understands that there is some tribunal now. What can such a body do? What will happen to the likes of Essar group, who are also deep in debts? However, if we know what can happen to get back Vijay Mallaya in jail and recover all the dues, we might know better.

    What do members have to say on this? He should be asked to pay all dues. If we default on a single payment the bank manager threatens us. But such crooks run away with crores. What can be effectively done? What are the present laws?
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    At least there is something which we never had evident of earlier & during the ruling of the past governments. The chai wala or the tea seller has done it again. I am looking for more appreciations for the present government under the leadership of PM Modi. This should also clear the doubts of the diplomacies & the diplomatic relations with the foreign countries. I am backing the actions with a hope that other such cases will also be taken simultaneously like that of Nirav Modi. As regards with the actions to be taken in order to get the due amount back from him is still uncertain & at the same time depending upon the many other circumstances. To my personal opinion, after coming to a certain level, there might be some mutual understanding in case of all the money can't be recovered.

    But to the latest of the news the government has planned for auction of the properties of Vijay Mallya soon if he still delays in the required procedure of meeting up with the dues.

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    At least the present government is taking some steps to bring back the man and money. Let us hope that the government will be successful in getting back the money. At least this government is sincere in its efforts.
    If the government is successful in its efforts it will create some fear among the others also.
    Actually, the banks and its officials should be made responsible for such illegal sanctions and they should be givens serious punishment and all their assets should also be attached by the government for the bad debts. Then some sense will prevail on these people and try to maintain the norms and there will not be any loss of general funds and no problem to the people who are paying their hard earned money as taxes to governemnt. Otherwise, they continue doing all misdeeds and accumulate money for them and for their coming generations. In these bank frauds, more than politicians the bank officers are responsible and they should be taken to task.

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    Our Indian laws are so sober and gives lots of room and time for the wrong doers to plan their strategies and for that many lawyers are also working day and night to protect the culprits. In case of Mallaya, the Modi government can take instant and immediate action from high level to arrest him. But he is taking asylum stating that he has the fear for his life in India. Having lived in posh, he fears down graded treatment at the jails. Now he has sent feelers to pay back the money in installments or trying for lesser package as one time settlement. So I feel there wont be harsh treatment to him and his case would be dealt with slowly.
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    Within the existing rules, regulations of our country and international laws for dealing such cases, the Govt is doing all out efforts to recover the money from these defaulters. It will definitely take some time and more such efforts.

    Whatever stringent rules and procedure we frame out, there are crooked and clever people who will chalk out a dishonest path through that and create an embarrassing situation for the Govt as well as financial organisations. History is full of such cheating and deceit. Only thing is if these people get severe punishments others will dare to repeat such offences.

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    After giving some time for recovery action, just book all the bank managers and the people who have signed the loan papers, and the people who recommended to sanction the loan amount for their inefficiency to recover/payback the loan dues.
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