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    How do we make our two wheeler drivers follow rules?

    The young are simply raring to go. They happily zip around in motor cycles at huge speed. They are often drunk. This is totally against the traffic rules. They give nightmares to the pedestrians, even in residential localities. I have seen this happening in every big city and in the metros.

    How can we make them more responsible? They jump signals at times. They are a dreadful lot. They carry their girl friends for jolly rides. The girls also seem to having fun. However, speed always kills. And not following rules makes it even worse.

    Members, what can be done? Is very strict policing the only answer?
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    Simply make ourselves follow the traffic rules & set an example for others. If we continue to keep this commitment with us then for sure this will come out with good results in the future.

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    Firstly, we should have strict control over the two wheeler manufacturers. They should not be allowed to produce a motor cycle running beyond 60 kmph. Sports motor bikes should not be allowed to run in the cities or towns. As said by you, strict policing should be done. Vehicles driven by the young without a licence, or RC book or Insurance paper should be ceased and the vehicle should be sent to the scrapyard for destruction. Such vehicles should never be returned to the owner. Public should also be given authority to check, hold and retain the vehicle which jumps signal and doesn't follow the traffic rules. They should be handed over the police for action.

    Where there is a will(wheel), always there is a way.

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    As a responsible Citizen of the country first of all everybody should think about their actions and if they feel that some corrections are required they should do that. Then only they can tell others. But in our country, it is the nature of the people to criticise others. I am not telling this point to the other. I am telling this as a general concept. Everybody start thinking from their side and about their action and go on correcting themselves automatically majority of violations will go. We follow traffic rules but when we are in a hurry we will try to bypass. Everyone will think and do like this only. Every one pours water instead of milk in the pot thinking that others will pour milk only or expecting all others to pore milk only finally the pot will be with water only without any milk. So self-realisation is the best remedy for all these traffic problems.
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    Today I received a whatsapp video clip in which the Karnataka State Transport department was giving practical awareness to two wheeler riders. The two wheeler riders were asked ti sit on the State bus drivers seat and to tell if they see in the two side mirrors if any two wheeler vehicle are coming behind. They did not see any. Then they were asked to get down and see physical,. Ala! there were a few two wheeler on both sides of the bus . They then told them that there are certain blind spots for the bus. So if the two wheelers try to enter hose areas they would not be seen in the mirror and accidents can happen.
    The two wheeler riders responded and promised that they will spread this lesson to all.

    ( "Wonderful initiative by KSRTC. A warning for two wheeler riders. #BusBlindSpot"
    Youtube URL for that is )

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    The awareness lesson taught by the KSRTC now should be taught to all the personnel seeking a licence to ride a two wheeler or a four wheeler or a transport vehicle. The subject "Blind spot " is an important subject to learn, understand and practice. Many driving schools and license issuing authorities fail to look at this 'Blind Spot" training.

    In the earlier days, the driving license in a booklet form used to contain all the information relelevant to driving. Whereas, nowadays, a simple 3x2"card has become an authority to drive from a two wheeler to many wheelers.

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    Drunk driving can be stopped very easily by installing alcohol sensors in vehicles. This automated alcohol detection system will be connected to the engine of the vehicle. If the alcohol content in the air is more than prescribed legal limit, the engine will not start. Volvo has introduced this technology in their trucks in European market.

    If you are drunk, you have no business being on the road. Technology will not allow you to drive.

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    Two-wheeler riders per se are a nightmare. I won't call just the young, with their girlfriend's riding pillion, as rash riders. The majority of two-wheeler riders need to be disciplined.

    In my city, it is common to see two-wheelers, manoeuvring their bikes through the tiniest gaps that they can find, between stationary vehicles, at traffic signals, when motorists are waiting for the lights to change.

    They are guilty of riding on the wrong side of the road – and not just on the interior by lanes, they do so on main roads, and even on the National Highways. They ride without a helmet. They break traffic signals, over speed, cut your path without warning, and do a lot more.

    The traffic police must organise awareness campaigns on traffic rules, road safety and road discipline. Hefty fines should be imposed on offenders. We also need a dedicated force that can ensure that rules are implemented and followed.

    Adults are too far gone to learn by example. They need a firm hand.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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