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    How about one room tenements for construction workers,in the suburbs?

    In all the South Indian cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Cochin and so on, we have hundreds of thousands of construction labor who are from the local cities or the villages surrounding the cities or even from the North of India.

    Though the minimum wages have gone up, these poor souls who get us to live in the most fancy apartments with fabulous facilities, do not even have places to live. They live in huts with horrible facilities. Why not force the builders to build some one room tenements, with a small kitchen and a rest room/bathroom, in the suburbs? The Government can allocate say, some 50 acres of land in some village, which is some 45 kilometers from the city, but livable. The transport should also be provided by the employer. The builders can charge a maximum of Rs.50 as rent. These tenements should never be sold. Some sixty thousand small tenements can help the construction labor to live in peace and with dignity.

    Can this be done?
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    There will be a day when the construction work will come to a standstill. The construction workers already have their home in their native places, and they are working to earn their bread for their families living in their own native places. These labourers are single without their family. Since they are not permanent construction workers in a particular city or town, such permanent shelter arrangement would be a superfluous one. The one room tenament would go as a waste after the construction work.

    They should live in a camp like atmosphere. I suggest the building contractors should provide some good tent facilities with good sanitary and water arrangements near the construction area.

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    The building construction workers usually move with the contractor from one building site to another. Until a particular construction is not over they stay in the same premises under a temporary shed provided for the same. I had seen in cities like Mumbai that when the structure is over they move in and stay there using the space like a home. This repeats in the next site also.

    When the construction is only a single house , then mostly the local workers are employed, who will be doing their daily works and return home in the evenings.
    Not just in this but always for any onsite project work people have to stay in temporary accommodations. If the time taken is long then accommodations are constructed using brick and mortar which are demolished after the project constrictions are over.
    Nowadays I see the large goods containers are used as rest places or dining places by cutting them and providing windows etc.

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    Although the appreciable project but never possible. The problem lies with the increasing population & the irregularities in the growth & development of different locations. The establishment of such localities is not good enough but there would be maintenance job is also required which in such large extent is not possible by the private companies & at the governmental level we are not prepared.

    This whole scenario shows the ignorance on the administration side in providing even the basic facilities to the poor. If instead of politicizing the matter we had worked with the balanced growth of all the regions along with creating awareness of the population control & its advantage then we would have a completely different scenario in our country. The problem is that we never made understood of those.

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    The idea is good but not practicable. One of my relation was doing the building construction works. He was using some works who came to Hyderabad from Bhubaneswar for the livelihood. He was trying to hire 3 or 4 small houses near the construction site and making these people stay there and he is not paying them daily wages. Instead, he was paying peace rated work. Those people used to start working early and all the family members used to work and complete the work very fast. Thus their earnings are good and they never used to leave his works. Those people earned a lot and now they have gone back to their native place. So I feel some sort of these arrangements will be better than providing houses. Otherwise, the government create some apartments at a low cost and give them to these workers at very low rent rates. That may improve the living conditions of those people.
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