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    Does ISC also do mistakes?

    ISC has proven a good platform for others like me to contribute & earn & at the same time improve on our shortcomings in context to the different blogs which we write here. But I have been wondering whether the ISC is also & still comprised of something which may referred to as a shortcomings on their part?

    So for the experts & if we want to come up with some shortcomings & suggestions then what could be those?

    I would also like on ISC part on their views too.
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    We are all humans and too err is human. It doesn't matter whoever show partiality in here.

    If you naturally assume that ISC Webmasters and Editors are shortcoming then they are shortcoming on their own. That's the reason why I refrain from debating with Editors and Webmasters unneccesarly. Also, I always stay out of debating threads that would trigger unexpected things excluding Group Discussions.

    ISC won't collapse without me, without you or certain editors. All we have to do is simply stick to who you're and who I am. Debating unnecessary only dishearten each other which results hate and partially towards each other.

    Be happy.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    I got you with an instance wherein you were slightly dissatisfied with the ISC wherein & although your submission were approved but no numbers were allocated to those stating that those articles were outdated. Hope so this is still consideration.

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    The improvement is a continuous process and there is no end for it. Any aspect can be improved further and further. The moment we think there is nothing more to improve we are lost and our creativity is also lost. Sometime in the process of trying for improvement, we may do some mistakes and we should not worry about those mistakes and we can get in corrected in the best possible way. Whether it is you, me or ISC.
    Only thing is the responsible people for identifying and correcting those should act at the right time and correct the mistake and control the damage. I think the people involved in ISC at the helm of affairs are capable of doing that and that is why the site is being maintained well from the last so many years. If anyone is any suggestion I think they can come up with a thread and The concerned people may look into it.

    always confident

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