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    Is it true that one portion of Telengana is still backward?

    A friend of mine from Hyderabad, who lives some one hundred kilometers from the city, but commutes to the city so often for business, was telling me that the towns that border Madhya Pradesh or Maharashtra, are not developed. He was even mentioning some names, but I was not able to understand those towns.

    Is this true? Is too much concentration on Hyderabad, leading to this sort of development? Is the Government of India/State Government doing something in this regard? The Chief Minister seems to be doing okay work. One does not hear any corruption charges against him.

    Members who know the inside stories may please clarify.
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    The problem of concentrated development in a particular place was the reason for the bifurcation of the combined Andhra Pradesh into two states. Again there is no change in that attitude. The present government is also doing the same mistake. All the development works are going on in and around this famous city only. Sometimes we hear about the development activities in some other cities like Warangal, Karimnagar and Nizamabad. But that is limited only to words and on only paper. The present Telangana is ruled by a family and the shortcomings will not come out as he is the supreme and he allows everyone to earn as long as they are not coming on his way. But the statements and other advertisements will always say that it is doing a very good job.
    However, if there is no Hyderabad there is no Telangana.

    always confident

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    Probably your friend was referring to the backward regions in Adilabad district abetting the Maharastra. Yes it is the tribal area and the tribal wants to retain their culture and hence wont allow for the development. Now the thinking has been changed and even in tribal the people are getting educated and want to join in main stream. CM KCR is of the firm view that entire Telangana has to be developed to achieve the dream of Golden Telangana. Surely by the next term all the regions in Telangana would be developed on par and there wont be any region and even forest tribal would be asked to develop.
    K Mohan
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    Yes Sir. The name mentioned was Adilabad and a few other towns near this town. I forgot even this name. Anyway, if some development happens, it will be fine. There will be huge social tensions if some areas are totally neglected.

    In fact, the same happened to T Nadu as well. Some migration to Bangalore from Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri districts was stopped when Hosur became a huge center of industrial development. The implementation of the Hongenekal water scheme by the previous DMK Government, made agriculture a far better option for thousands of people. This is exactly how it should be. If Governments give some importance to minimum development activities, that itself will change the economic situation. Today, certain good colleges in both these backward districts have started producing above average engineers. These boys find jobs in Bangalore and in Chennai. Their salaries are enough to generate some economic activity back home, in the service sector. So, good engineering colleges can also help a great deal.

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