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    Team Creative Writing Activity - are you game for it?

    A couple of years ago, I had conceived a new idea, to have a team-writing activity, wherein a pair of members would be given a topic for a short story to write on, with one member starting it & the other ending it (each writing 250 words). The members' names would be written on chits of paper and by a draw of lots would be paired up as authors. The combined write-up would determine the prizes. Accordingly, I had invited members to register. Unfortunately, there was a poor response to the concept and nobody was keen on it.

    After seeing the good response to the recent e-book photo contest & with more new members on board, I was wondering whether anyone is interested now in this team-writing concept. It will be challenging, yes, but fun, too, to bond virtually with a co-author.

    Suggestions, too, are welcome.
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    I my opinion, the recent e-book experience is good. I find this as more transparent and prompting member's hidden ability to come out or get it refined. Let this continue for a few more times and stabilise. By then new members who would have been just watching on sidelines, may also join with confidence. Then we can think of the team story writing.

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    I will give my free and frank opinion. PEN used to regularly organize writers' workshop everywhere (including India) to promote this type of team writing activities. It has not been successful anywhere in the world.

    Creative writing is individual activity. The team writing will never be successful, particularly in such online platform.

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    I have never heard team writing topic here at ISC. It's going to more interesting since New members including the existing ones are showing immense interest in TOW, contest and other sections. The consistency of new members and old ones is more likely to give huge interest in Team writing topic. However, my writing skills are not as strong as they should be in an average level.

    To be honest, the recent and current ongoing GDs and other contest doesn't interest me. There are lot of good topic for the same. Only few members are debating in GDs threads. There should be something interesting Title about the same to debate.

    For the recent ebook photo contest, I really don't like such kind of competations. It should be something hard to guess and interesting. It shouldn't be made only to earn cash credits, points and rewards. In my personal view, this kind of photo based captcha are mostly used by spammers to lessen their hard work. That's the reason, I didn't participate.

    I didn't mean to hurt you, it's just that, I don't have that kind of brain to participate in competation or I either disliked it. Don't get me wrong about the photo based captcha contest.

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    Sounds like a good idea, worth giving it a try. Once we get the hang of it, it could become popular and a regular event. For instance from the first e-book, to the third e-book, we have refined and become more cohesive. Why the same cannot be replicated in this team creative contests?

    I think to start with
    Each team should be give a rough plot, limitations of characters and a the two members within the team should be given chance to correspond by email. This is to avoid an obvious mismatch in the narrative between member A and member B in the same story.
    Some members may want a change of team, if this happens then the rules should be clear to avoid further issues.
    Each such team creative contest can have a single theme like first school trip. lost in the jungle, a though challenge in life, the life of a 10 year old etc.
    To encourage participants, non-wining entries also should receive a decent cc or points unless there is an obvious lack of creativity.

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    In my response 641022 in the e-book contest thread I had given my feedback . I feel that let the e-book type contest go for a few more contests and stabilise. Then we can think of team story writing. Team story writing will be more like syndicates or individual contributions.and not transparent activities s seen in ISC.

    Rather than just two member team it will better to invite individual contributions for creativity. But even there for comparison a and evaluation it is better to have a given subject or core.

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    Rather than this team story writing which will be a difficult task to decide the right winner with their mixed north and south or east and west writing, I would request you to ask the members to write a short story and post it to your e-mail ID, and then you ask the ISC members as to who wrote which story. This will be really a tough but interesting exercise/competition to get the right author of the story. You have conducted such contests GTA (Guess the Author). Let us have it once a month..
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    I am intrigued. Can we put on a competition between thus selected teams which would be totally awesome? We cannot bring out the best of a team without a competition. When we all come together in e-book contest, we must pit against each other in this contest.

    But needless to say this competition would be harder to conduct, as Partha and Venkateswaran have confirmed.
    I would just be glad if my ideas get accepted.

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    The idea is worth trying. We can say an idea is of no use. Unless we get into it we don't know the actual problems and advantages. If the pair of authors are complementary to each other, the outcome may be. Excellent. This pairs writing concept is well known in Telugu literature. Whatever they write they will go by their two names.
    I think trying this idea is worth. Once the pairs are decided they can interact with each other, they can exchange their ideas and works with each other. The outcome may be much better.

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    Team creative activity seems to be interesting and the close coordination between the two members can bring a great story of own creation. I am ready for the concept and ISC can give me one partner.
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    It is a good idea and can be given a try. People like me, who still not aware of our own strengths and weakness in writing, need many more different contests to identify our abilities. I wish ISC to keep conducting different writing contests.
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    I am also in for Team creative writing. It sounds interesting and as I have never ever tried this, would like to experience.
    Pros and cons are associated with every idea anyways but without even trying, we cannot conclude it.


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    In the recent ebook contest we have worked like a big team only under time to time instructions from the coordinator who was giving some seeds to move ahead.

    However in the proposed pair writing activity the pair will be doing the things on their own and will come up with a story as a combined effort. Likewise other pairs will be delivering their creative products. So there will not be much thrill as compared to the ebook contest where with every chapter it opened myriad new possibilities for future development of the story.

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    From the feedback here, it seems I will only get a few members again who will register.

    Sun - I had already thought of having a GTA contest this month & I think your suggestion is feasible, with the story limited to a brief one, of about 250 words. I can upload the stories in a Word doc. attached to the contest thread.

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