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    Parents, Kids and the Reality Shows

    It looks cute and innocent when a kid as young as 4-5 years old, try to show some action on the reality shows. All the emotions flow from the judges, parents and audiences. The sound of applause and some praising words follow from the judges.

    However, my take on this is different. I would like to ask these parents that what they want to gain it? Do you want to make your face visible on TV or your's kid? You are throwing a kid into a world that they don't even know properly. True, different kid have different talent which must come in front of the world but for that one should be patient. We know, there is too much competition but that does not mean that one should keep their own dream on a 4 years old kid! This is nothing but call a child abuse. What does that baby know about it?

    I am very much sure that we do not have less of talents in our kids but revelling them before their proper age can damage their confidence very badly. At 4-5 age they do not know the meaning of failure. Let them grow little mature, till then you grow their talent at home. Let them understand about failure and success. They should manage to hold them both. Give them mental strength and then throw them into the world of competition.

    We talk about tolerance, but we can't even tolerate with our excitement to come in the TV's reality shows. This is the time when Parent can control on themselves for the betterment of their kid.
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    It is true the aspiration of parents want their child to do everything. They want him to dance,sing,play and excel in education also. How a kid of tour years age can cope up with all these. We should not deny him from the happiness he deserves and we should deprive him from enjoying his tender age. Please wait for his understanding and understand his interests, abilities, short comings and then accordingly we should see that he will be given him the required support. We wanted our elder son to learn singing. We have put him under a teacher. My son expressed that he doesn't want to do that. We have accepted.
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    I am not in agreement with the author.

    Since the time of mono color era the advertisement companies are approaching the best of talents of all ages. From the advertisement of diapers to their food like the Cerelac have been a hit earning huge profits for the companies but also assisting of some finance to the concern family members. The author has spoken of the talent shows supposed to have burdened the small age group with the undue pressure but there has been a different level along with the different auditions in order to get listed among the top performers. This is to be understood that there are selection procedures from the ground level to top & whosoever will perform the best will come out as a winner. We need to take a look to these from different perspectives wherein these provided the platform with huge opportunities for the different age groups with different talents which wasn't possible earlier.

    In addition, there are emotional scenes which are created in order to increase the TRP so as to create more revenues for the channel but this is completely business & we can't help this. For sure we are evident of the sad faces but look at the smiling faces too.

    This should have been the responsibility of the parents to take a note of their children while they are being lined-up for the auditions without pressurizing themselves but should be in the mode of playfulness.

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    Nice to see responses with having both side opinions. And, we should have detailed discussion on this matter because this is a very serious issue that is not visible.

    Coming to the topic.

    I hope different TV channels TRP should not be a reason to spoil a kid's life. In one of the TV show audition, when a 4-year-old baby girl entered, she tells her mother that she was feeling sleepy. Another boy of 4-5 years old, showing Rose to a lady judge and trying to act like an adult. It looks so cute, but do it need a child to behave like an adult? We know many such dramas are made to bring up their TRP but just imagine, a young kid failed to perform and the TV camera zoomed on to her parent's face who was crying. What message goes to the kid?

    Sunidhi Chauhan, when she won the singing competition, she was 13 years old and there was not much drama, the competition was totally won by their talent and judges were the legend Manna Dey and Lata Mangeshkar.

    Today's scenario is different. We are bringing so many things early in our kid's life which they should know or feel step by step. Though, it gives them a platform but still I feel this is too much for the kid's age between 4 -5.

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    Most of the television shows which wants to have a reality competition of dance or singing are going places and taking auditions and that force the talented children parents to approach. Previously the auditions were subject to Mumbai or Delhi to which local talents spread across the country wont even think of participation But now the audition vans are going to each big city and picking up the rare talents to which even parents are cooperating and even ready to part with the children for three to four months. So the urge to see the progress of their child, the urge to earn name and fame are the main cause to which young children are left to the use of reality shows people.
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