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    What is your biggest weakness which according to you has created obstacles on your way to success?

    For me I am emotional & believe anyone instantly. In this way I do carry a soft corner for anyone which after so long time feel sorry for as this shows off the lack of professionalism. What I have observed is that there has to be a limit of anything which we carry on with our life that for long if it doesn't work must immediately be taken care of with suitable or appropriate actions.

    Do the experts here believe that they too have gotten with such type of weaknesses then how did you got over them?
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    No human being is 100% perfect. Everyone will have some shortcomings. But if the individual knows his weaknesses and work on that weaknesses and convert them has his strength he will be successful. In this modern world, the so Called HR managers and consultants will call it as SWOT analysis. It is good that you have identified your weakness. Now you can work on that aspect and you try to come out of that it will be excellent.
    As far as I am concerned I am easy to get the convinced type of person. I never try to pose my views on others and ask them or insist on them to do what I say. I allow them to come to the same decision I have taken by allowing them to implement their ideas and learn from their failures. During my career, many times what solution I have thought for certain problems were accepted and implemented by others only after implementing their ideas and tasting a failure.

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    In my case I can easily identify the biggest obstacle I faced. It is nothing other than my laziness. Throughout my life, if I look back , I used to postpone my works as far as possible
    to the last minute. During my study time also I followed this way of working. Just on the previous day only I will go through the notes. But I don't think that this habit caused much problem in my life.


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    I know my problem very well. Procrastination is the biggest weakness of my life. I plan a lot but the implementation rate is less than 25% due to procrastination. Further, I can't concentrate for a longer period. This is my second weakness. I have suffered a lot due to these two problems.
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    Well no one would admit that they have some weakness or the other and always submit that they are perfectly fit and have attempted for the best and confronted with the failure. And God has given us the mind to think twice and thrice before taking any major decision and if we attempt the same willingly and the we have to prepare for the consequence too. Nevertheless what I felt that those who have taken the risk in life are always one step ahead than others as they want to face the challenge in life with all might. That is the reason being so weak person wont reveal anything as his planning and probing is poor.
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    I do realize that laziness is the greatest weakness in me that obstructed me in having a good health at the old age. I am a lazy guy who don't like to visit doctors to care my health. Finally, I am a diabetic .
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    Every human is having some weaknesses which are supposed to be the reason of his or her failures. No one is perfect and that is the reason why there is so much confusion and cuous in this world. We see so many weaknesses in others but feel ourselves better though the fact is opposite.

    To name a few I find myself impatient, sometimes arrogant, lazy, delaying things, not listening to others and losing some beneficial things in that process, giving more time to hobbies rather then the actual work etc etc. Definitely, these were the reasons behind many of my failures and lapses in life.

    Interestingly, when someone asks us why did we not achieve such and such things or objectives in life, we answer the tailor-made phrases that - man proposes God disposes or destiny had something else in it's lap for me.

    Knowledge is power.

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