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    Do we know the problems which only created by the present government & never existed earlier?

    There has been a huge cry in context to the present government being unable to control the things including social evils like the discrimination. Likewise we have other entities of which we all are well aware of & so not going on listing of those. But can we still list the problems & the issues for which the current government is responsible & which never existed during the ruling of the past governments?

    I don't feel so but than what is important for us to take a note here?
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    In simple words, corruption has increased manifold than the previous government. Present government is a paper master, not a task master. Everything appears in the paper only, nothing in practical. The gentle public suffers while the rude,rough and tough lives happily.
    No life without Sun

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    #641037 / Mr. Sun,

    Pl. give us one example that this government has facilitated in terms of your knowledge that "corruption has increased manifold than the previous government".

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    I don't think there are some new problems and issues which are started during the present government rule. Some problems are reduced, some problems are still continuing and some might have increased. Only one problem which is felt by many is shortage of cash for some time when big denominations notes are scrapped. Otherwise there is nothing surfaced problems during this 4 years.
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    What I am most disappointed was the cash crunch created by this government post demonetization and the banks are yet to recover from the shortage of cash deposits. During the old notes exchange, the banks have miserably failed to issue new notes citing size problem and the rectification of ATM trays to suit the new notes made the things bad to worse and the middle class people are worst suffering as they exhausted all the money they had, old notes are no more legal tenders and new notes are not coming. That was horrible experience to which no one can pardon this government.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Me too belong to the middle class but instead I never felt the shortage of funds. In a simple way I started using the debit card for any of the purchasing wherever the electronic transactions were carried out. For example the Reliance Retail or for making payments of mobile or internet bills etc & for smaller transactions I was using the cash.

    It was a good step for the betterment of the unaccounted money & so should be welcomed. The mandate for the BJP during UP election was good enough to observe the agreement of the people to that of government policies & so never mind because we still have more lined-up who think about their nation.

    I don't ignore of the cash crunch completely but not so severe that felt helpless.

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    Ved, using cards is not being taught to the many middle class as the elders in the home are not accustomed to such cards and they believe in cash transactions. And by the way the road side vendor wont accept cards.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The cash crunch was also felt because of the inappropriate kindness on behalf of the banking staff who distributed the cash in order to favor few. I was also evident of those & complaint had been raised against the responsible banking staff.

    You see that sometimes we need to be more than ourselves because this is what we are meant for or else our life has no meaning in the end.

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    Mr. K. Mohan, I am working in a private organization with a team & when I leave my office then I have the locality wherein I live in a rented accommodation & so I have been evident of the different scenario & different places but in many of the occasions the efforts were well appreciated. The people being in line but never seen having lack of understanding among them. No security but still disciplined even during late evening. The aged were given the first chance in an instance wherein the younger was in backfoot. The media made the unnecessary fuss about the whole situation otherwise there wasn't any such thing. During this whole, what is important to note is that few can't be changed but few have gotten with much better understanding.

    By the way, I was in Delhi & still in the same place.

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    The following are some of the issues deteriorated our democratic set up in the present government regime:-
    1. RTI rule got diluted and it is the feeling of the people it is not working any more as before.
    2. Modi's government changed the thinking of politics are meant for elections and only for winning elections by whatever means may be (divisive politics).
    3. Announcing crores of packages and after loosing or winning forgetting promises.
    4. Damage to judiciary and democratic institutions.
    5. Modi's Micromanagement style of ruling resulted in government paralysis.
    6. Divisive tactics to overhaul power.
    7.To eradicate corruption BJP announced demonetization. But how corruptly the black money got changed into white money Infront of crores of people is a clear proof for how corruption occured in BJP government. Government is simply closed their eyes unable to do anything to do stop this corruption.
    8. Rupee value gone down to all times high. At present one dollar value is Rs.69.10. In 2014 dollar value is rs.59.
    9. BJP government never agreed for any of their policy failures honestly.
    10. In BJP regime one lakhs crores corruption occured through scams and the scamsters disappeared from the country.
    11.Petro prices in BJP regime increased many times which reached all times high and the same BJP opposed the hike of petroleum prices by the previous government.

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    There are many such problems created by the present Government which didn't exist earlier. Some of the examples:-

    (a) Earlier China used to nibble India's territory. Indian Government used to protest. Now, the Doklam issue has proved that Indian soldiers remained eyeball-to-eyeball with Chinese PLA and they backtracked. Major problem for Chin during the present Government.
    (b) Earlier Pakistan used to attack Indian soldiers inside our terriory. Now surgical strike created problems for Pakistan which was not there earlier.
    (c) Same issue with North-Eastern terrorists who used to cross over to Myanmar after attacking Indian soldiers. New problem for them.
    (d) Problem for liberals because they can't ridicule Hinduism unopposed. Earlier there was no such problem.
    (e) Corrupt businessmen can no longer continue their corrupt practices by bribing the Ministers. Earlier this problem was not there.

    Problem hi problem!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Mr. Ramakrishna Kambhampati,

    Now that we have listed few of the points, let's discuss this point by point.
    Your first query, "RTI rule got diluted and it is the feeling of the people it is not working any more as before", but how?

    Pl. go through the below reference site along with the comments,


    It's a humble request to pl. go through the comments as well which the people have replied with.

    Your point 1 & point 10 are contradictory in itself, as point 1 states that RTI rule got diluted and it is the feeling of the people it is not working any more as before but in the first para of the site reference which you have provided us with which is your link from TOI states that …were reported in banks from April, 2017, to March 1, 2018, it said in reply to an RTI query filed by this correspondent.

    If the above link doesn't work then pl. copy & paste the below link,

    For me both can’t be true so come up with your choice.

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    Mr. Ramakrishna Kambhampati,

    Your second query, "Modi's government changed the thinking of politics are meant for elections and only for winning elections by whatever means may be (divisive politics) " is same as point six which is Divisive tactics to overhaul power"

    How? Pl. keep up with facts.

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    The scenario in Delhi and living in other places differ. In Delhi probably all the ATM's might had the balance but in remote villages the ATM's were closed.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The election and circulation of cash to grab votes is the major corruption by the corrupt political leaders. From where do they get the cash and new currency notes? The source is not known and there is no check on this. What else need to be told about corruption.

    No life without Sun

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    Whenever a Govt goes and a new comes in there are comparisons in respect of performances and achievements. There are two ways of looking on it. First one is that we can say - the present Govt is better then earlier or the reverse. The second way is that we can say - The earlier Govt was worse than the present or reverse.

    So in absolute terms it is not possible to assess a Govt until results are clearly tangible.

    Now in the current Govt regime it appears that the top leadership in the country is very honest and committed but the work force below is the same old one except a few of them have retired and replaced by equally ambitious ones. So it is imperative that until the people below also follow suit nothing significant is going to happen. The present Govt also has to function under same laws and constitution which the earlier one was functioning. The limited difference is only some aggressive measures like demonetisation and GST implementation.

    There are many people who have suffered big financial jolts in the present regime. They will never be happy with this Govt and will tell us hundreds of their failures. The real judgement will come from those who have neither benefitted in the earlier regime nor now.

    The bureaucrats whose wings are partially cut due to improved online governance and strict tax norms and containment of black money are also not happy with the present regime.

    Builders are also a troubled lot. There are more compliance in real state transactions. So whether things improve or not efforts are clearly visible in a progressive direction. In such a situation it will not be prudent to list out the failures of the Govt many of which are beyond its ambit. Even if we do that we will only be stuck with a list where negative points related to these two regimes will be more or less only to compare like comparing two negative numbers and be happy in telling everyone that minus four is better than minus seven.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Mr. Mohan: In Delhi, we have not suffered from any cash crunch. Almost all the ATMs are functioning properly. I think, there is no cash crunch in metro cities and state capitals. These may be some problem in village/rural ATMs. But more than demonetization, lapse on the part of bank branches maintaining those ATMs is more responsible for this problem.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    That is what I am trying to explain that when the action of such high magnitude has to be taken, then the preparedness at the ground level was missing and that brought bad name to Modi.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sir, now that you have raised a very valid point, let me try to present my views. My neither pro-BJP or pro-Congress. I just want some good to be done and what matters are hard facts.

    Let us first take the issue of employment generation. Sir, what does even a salary of Rs.15,000 per month look like, if I know that I will get it month after month, on a regular basis? That is if my job is a permanent job? Sir, what if the Government itself encourages contract jobs?

    The present Modi Government has done just this. Sir, the jobs should never be contract jobs. Please do come to Chennai and see every single company in the Manufacturing Sector. There is this thing called Fixed Term Employment. To encourage this, our fantastic Finance Minister gives an incentive to the employers. The share of the employee will be borne by the Government itself, as far as the PF is concerned for three years. Anyway, the employment is only for three years.

    In Chennai, you will find that there are hundreds or even thousands of diploma holders and engineers employed in this fashion. The employers are very happy as the labor is very cheap. But what about the lives of these poor and innocent souls Sir? These boys come even from North India, are employed for three years and then thrown out.

    How the hell can the Government encourage this? Make their jobs regular jobs. Give them minimum increment. Let them be happy. They can take a vehicle loan, or loan for consumer durable purchase. Today, not a single banker will touch them. I have myself recommended so many boys to these jobs. This is with the hope that if they go over to Mumbai, there is some hope of a regular job, particularly in chemical industries.

    Sir, is this social justice? Is this not ridiculous? Why not Government jobs on contract? Why should the Government employees be pampered Sir? Only Government employees. The State Governments are not able to match the salaries of Central Government staff. This itself is a huge problem. The new Government jobs are not coming.

    In her earlier avatar, the great Sushma Swaraj, who is now so active on Twitter, made the life of the lower level postal government employees. Today,they work for a pittance. Many are purely temporary jobs or contract jobs.

    During her lifetime, Indira Gandhi never allowed all this nonsense. It started sometime during the Congress regime. But our great Modi has made life miserable for so many thousands of people.

    What is the actual rate of inflation at the retail level,Sir. Am in Bangalore now. Not a single fruit is available for less than Rs.300 per kg. Everything is so costly. Please check the facts. The former RBI Governor Dr SubbaRao, put his foot down and advised the banks to revise deposit rates. Mr Modi has brought down the interest rates to less than seven percent. The actual rate of inflation is more than nine percent. The rate given out by the Government is absolute trash.

    So, the middle classes have become very ordinary. Their lives are miserable. The poor anyway do not care. They have their own economy. Tea costs Rs.4 even today. You and I cannot drink such tea. So, where do we go Sir?

    The demonetization exercise simply threw out thousands of labor, from North of India, employed in small establishments in so many places in South India. These innocent men came back when they returned. But they are so much exploited, thanks to our great Modi. There is not one single scheme of social significance. Yes, there is this very small premium collected towards life and accident insurance. Apart from that, his record for serving the poor and the middle class, is zero.

    Sir, contract jobs are no solution for employment opportunities in a poor country like ours. The rich and the super rich are having a whale of a time.

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    There is no chance of this government doing anything wrong. They have not created any new problems which were not there in the previous government. All is well.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    In my previous response, I have mentioned five problems created by the present Government, which did not exist during the tenure of previous Government. Should I mention more?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Where there is lack of proper and authoritative information,there will be gossip and rumours. The ordinary people will be compelled to believe the rumours and fake news as genuine.

    That is exactly what is happening now.

    The public do not get the authoritative news from the government. Except the PM no others are talking . If anyone talks that is just bluff and laughing matter. There is no authentic briefing to media. So people start thimking, what is happening. The only news coming out is about the PM's foreign visits

    Unlike any other previous government, this BJP/NDA government is facing all round opposition and there are vested interest inside and outside bent upon to dislodge this government somehow. The reason is that by taking certain well intended measures this government has trampled upon those who were till now pampered and fostered. So a large section of diverse groups and elements now have reason to come together with a single point agenda of not allowing this government to function with confidence.

    Those poor people who have been really benefited cannot come and make press statements or TV channel debates. So whatever good this government has done is not known. The government also does not come out with proper information. What gets projected is the fuel price rise and the exaggerated news repeatedly putout by the biased media. This is probably one government who do not have much sympathisers in media. They are frustrated because they do not get 'scoop' material from government side. The government does not pamper the media as it was earlier. By its action of demonetisation and mandatory linking of Aadhhar even to property deals it has antagonised a large section who have to fight back for their survival. The only way for this,they feel, is to remove this government or to see that they do not come back for another term.

    But all this could be faced if the government is truly sincere and doing only things good for the people and the nation.

    But they have not yet been able to strongly convince the mass public; and they do not seem to be serious of that also. That is the crux of the matter.

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    Mr. K. Mohan, I have to make it clear that in Delhi & during demonetization not all the ATMs were having the cash. This was also mainly due to fact that many had extra cash with them which was beyond a limit that they actually had required. If we had the understanding keeping only what was required then the situation would have been different.

    Mr. Sun, you raised a valid question & in order to come over these every financial transactions needs to get monitored but in case of unaccounted money this is not possible & the demonetization is meant for bringing all those unaccounted money to the main stream.

    Mr. ABSivakumar, do we feel that we got enough natural resources in accordance with the increasing population? In the first place the resources haven't been developed with the way we are witnessing the population growth. As per the latest data, more than 25% of the population or the 30 crores individuals are uneducated in India. What do we feel about what kind of job opportunities can be made available for them? The previous governments had ruled out the implications of the measures for restricting the population growth because of due to the religious factors. So we don't have the options left but to face the consequences.

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