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    Now NGOs have started interfaring in administrative process

    Since 2008, I have been learning the workings of many NGOs. Some of the NGOs want grant from the Government. Some are engaged in creating a bad name for the country in international arena. And now some of the NGOs are trying to interfare in the normal administrative process.

    The Central Government had earlier appointed Shri KV Chowdary as the Central Vigilance Commissioner and Shri TM Bhasin as Vigilance Commissioner. An NGO, Common Cause, filed a PIL against the appointment of these two officials to the aforestated positions alleging that these two officials had blemished records. Today Hon'ble Supreme Court upholds the appointment of these two officials.

    But my question is different. Why did the NGO file a PIL against appointment of these two officials? Is it the aim and objective of the NGO? If yes, then it is not an NGO. If not, then why does it try to subvert the normal administrative process?

    Such issues are required to be analysed very minutely. What is the real purpose of these NGOs?
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    What I feel that NGO's were created to earn donations from local, national and International donors and for which a special purpose vehicle would be created with catchy NGO name and for the sake of media some arrangements were made and big publicity were given about the NGO in print and electronic media. Soon the NGO would vanish from the place citing shifting of address. Thus the NGO would be flooding with the donations at the same bank account and the usage of money would be for personal gains. Such NGO's are doing great turnover and for that Vigilance must nab them.
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    The NGO when it formed will explicitly narrate the objective of the NGO. The Organisation has to work in that area. They can't go away from the mission they envisaged and narrated. But many of the NGOs are fake and they want to make some money for themselves by showing a good cause and collecting the donations. That is why many people especially our country people stopped donating to these NGOs and trying to help the needy directly.
    How the NGO is concerned with the appointment of some officials and why they should go to court? Unnecessarily they waste the time of court also. These practices are to be stopped and should not encourage such NGOs by anyone.

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    One of the action of the present BJP/NDA government at the centre was to focus on the funding pattern and functioning of the thousands of NGOs. It was found that a large number of them were getting funds from abroad under the guise of charity for good causes. However it was found that the recipients do not keep proper account nor file the accounts and report but misuse the funds for purposes not intended and expressed.
    May thousands of NGOs were given notice and those who dd not comply to the required norms were kept in the watch list and when they did not comply to the rules, they were stopped from receiving the foreign funds.

    It is interesting to know that one of the agenda in the few meetings by high officials and cabinet members of US and/or other nations was to get this funding restriction removed for certain entities from their country. Unfortunately submitting to the pressures our government has to relent on a few of them. This was reported in the media in those days.

    It is just natural that those who were affected by the government's action will try many other ways to pressurise the government to bow down and allow them to enjoy freely as they were doing all these decades.
    Using of courts and legal cases and sensationalising them is the latest in the series.

    Our government has to see and learn from certain other nations who were very strict and firm in dealing with disturbance makers.

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    I appreciate the author for his thought provoking thread & at the same time to Mr. Venkiteswaran for his brilliant reply.

    I want to say that since the time I have been into this forum I have witnessed few of the authors who I don't want to miss for whatever they offer. For me they are an example for our learning & I always finding myself nowhere to them.

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