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    Why BJP government showing cold eye on Lokpal constitution?

    BJP before 2014 elections strongly favoured constituting Lokpal. But after its emphatic win all the time trying to avoid it's constitution showing silly reasons. Several time Supreme Court questioned and remarked government for not taking positive efforts to it's constitution. Is the honest Mr.Modi's government Lokpal become a problematic to run their government. Is BJP government thinking constituting Lokpal don't bring any votes for them? What is the view of members regarding this issue?
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    The Lokpal bill has been demanded by the opposition time and again and the BJP is postponing citing more time needed to bring in such a bill which should not have any doubts on its draft or implementation after approval. Normally such bills need broader political parties involvement and approval. But BJP is not having good relations with the AAP government and does not want to hurry on the Lok Pal bill which is being pressed more by Delhi CM Kejriwal. That means the BJP would bring the bill on their own time and not at the instance of the pressing pressure from the opposition.
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    I don't think the party will go back on this front. If they do anything in a hurry after effects may be more and they may bother much.To avoid such complications they are trying to have a detailed understanding and then they may go for it. There is nothing to doubt about the honesty or ethics of the present PM and his government. He is far better than many of the PMs we have seen so far in Independent India.The government will have its own priorities and they will not go by the priorities of the opposition parties.
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    The Supreme Court ordered the Government to constitute Lokpal during the fag end of UPA 2 rule. The then Government informed the Supreme Court that the matter will be left to the next Government as the elections are due. In 2014, the BJP Government came to power and after four years of its rule, it failed to constitute the Lokpal. The Supreme Court directed the Government on 02-07-2018 to submit the plan for the constitution of Lokpal within 10 days.
    I do not find any necessity of Lokpal now as our country is headed by a 56" Chowkidar who proclaimed that" Na Khaaoonga Aur Na Khaane Doonga." The lawmakers of the BJP are angels without any blemish. The present government is a blemishless one.

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    I have a question with the author here,

    Sir, few Months back we were evident of one press conference by the four senior judges of the Supreme Court with an address "democracy at stake", since then nothing has been changed but no cry now either on behalf of those judges or from the media. Those four judges instead of approaching the President for the appropriate actions went on with the press meet mocking the Judiciary system of our country in front of the whole world. My question here is, if the judges of the Supreme Court are not comfortable with the constitution & its functioning then what we are planning to do with the Lokpal Bill?

    So in the above context don't you feel that we are required more of self-scrutiny other than the Lokpal Bill to be brought in the existence because even though this has been introduced & implemented there can't be the reason that this will again be remained uninfluenced with the political motives.

    By the way all those four Supreme Court judges were appointed by the Congress party when they were in governance.

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