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    Want to know how this newly released movie"Sanju" is performing on box office

    What do you think? how far the newly released "SANJU" will perform on box office?
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    I have heard that the newly-released film a super hit. It is breaking many records. It truly reflects the acting capability of Ranbir Kapoor. He has excellently copied the style of Sanjay Dutt.
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    This movie is doing nice on box office and has already crossed 100 crores in collections on the first 3 days itself which is a significant figure.

    There are some factors which are being attributed for this. The first and foremost is the popularity of Sanjay Dutt and twisting story of his real life so far which has been depicted in this movie. The second is the excellent acting put forth by Ranbir Kapoor in this role of Sanjay Dutt.

    There is already lot of talks about Sanjay Dutt and his life so far in the public and that hype has made the movie goers more interested to see this movie and like any other good movie if the direction and picturisation are good, it has to get success in the box office.

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    Its great to see Ranbir Kapoor back in his form. The way he has acted as Sanjay Dutt truly reflects his capabilities and hard work for his role. Lots of expectations from this movie"Sanju", already doing great by breaking all previous records.

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    Ranbir did a very good job in the movie. He made us to see Sanjay on the screen. I heard very good comments and will be an all time hit. Sanjay is a very famous figure in the public and people want to know about his real life so many are at theatres. Ranbir added the fuel to the desire. These days the movies based on the life of a legend actor are on increasing mode. Mahanati in Telugu did well. Now this one. NTR biopic is in making.
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    What I have seen the review in the social media and the images, it seems the actor Ranbir Kapoor has given his best performance of the career and he resembles like Sanjay Dutt and what more Dutt himself and SRK has complemented the team for the best movie. The collections at the box office are good across the country . In Hyderabad there is good following for Sanjay Dutt and hence the shows going for full. Nevertheless when true portrait of a biography is made , the curiosity would raise for every one to watch the movie as how the reality was shown.
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    I did not get tickets for the weekend shows as it was running houseful. What I can't understand is the high price of the tickets at even matinee shows at single theatres. We have been watching movies for quite a while now in the matinee show at just Rs.100/-. We even watched the magnum opus Bahubali 2 at that price! For the film Sanju, though, the price got jacked up to Rs.120/-. Not fair! We have managed to get tickets for the week so will let you know how it is.
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    For the author:
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    About the movie:
    This movie has block buster written all over it. A real life hero story, the best teams, the marverick director Rajkumar Hirani. Ranbir Kappor has given a stellar performance. It reminds me of the likes of Aamir Khan who totally get under the skin of the character and give beyond the normal for the sake of the movie.
    So,this would keep the box office ringing.

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    I haven't seen the film. But I have seen the ads in which Ranbir Kapoor acts like Sanjay Dutt. He suits for the role, and perfectly matches with Sanjay Dutt. My wife and daughter too appreciated it. I am sure, this movie will be a great box office hit and bring name and fame to Ranbir Kapoor. Ranbir Kapoor proved his best of his ability by acting in film " Sanju". Well done Ranbir.

    I have planned to watch this movie in Bengaloru with my family in a multiplex after a month.

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    I saw the movie yesterday. I feel Ranbir's acting has been overhyped. It was more of imitating the mannerisms of Sanjay Dutt than getting into the skin of the character which represents him. I was not too impressed either by Paresh Rawal in the role of the father. The actor who stood out is Vicky Kaushal and even Manisha Koirala and Sonam Kapoor in their minor roles made a good impression.

    Blaming the media for being the root cause of everything is a bit much & then rubbing in this aspect with that absurd song at the end when the credits roll, was going over the top. Keeping that aside, though, this film is not just a biopic and should not be seen for that reason alone. It should be seen for its excellent portrayal of friends and close friendships. There is the friend who pulls him into taking up bad habits & vices. There is the one friend who does not turn his back but helps him each time when he is needed, is forgiving and who realizes his mistake too and & is, in turn, forgiven. Everyone should have at least that one friend like "Kamli", to be there when it matters the most, to be understanding & forgiving.

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    #641404: My personal observation:

    Ranbir Kapur is a much better actor than Sanjay Dutt. He acts sensibly without much mannerism. In the film Sanju, Ranir Kapur consciously brought himself below at the level of Sanjay Dutt and copied his mannerisms to make the character realistic. This is the sign of a good actor. The loud acting of Ranbir Kapur in the film is a conscious act.

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    I saw the film two days ago with my friends. This is really a very good film to watch. The acting of Ranveer Kapoor is really superb. We have to learn many things from this film. The guru no.1, number 2 number3 can also motivate us to do anything in the life. How to comeback from trouble in life can be learnt from this movie. How to maintain a good friendship can be learn by watching the film. It can be said that it is a really a worth watching film.
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