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    How to attach photos with articles

    Confused about how to include photos within the text of an article? Learn from other members with step by step guidance.

    Although I have now spent 2 years 8 months in this site, I still don't know many things. One of these is attaching photos with articles. I would like to know from the Members how can I add photo/image just after the sub-heading of an article. What is the specific command for it? Kindly also intimate whether I can use images from the internet after duly acknowledging the source of such images, or not.

    I expect clear instructions as I am not very computer-savy.
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    This query has been shifted from our Ask Expert section to the forum. Queries related to ISC features should be raised in the forum only.

    The guidelines for attaching photos:
    1. Before you submit the article, you will see "I want to add some attachments to this resource" which is just above the blue 'save article' button. Checkmark that box.
    2. You will be taken to the page where you can upload up to maximum 5 photos at a time. Put in a relevant brief title for each photo and upload the photos.
    3. Scrolling down, do not select the box which automatically attaches the images to the end of the article. Select the second option, which allows you to insert the image where you wish to place it in the text. Submit.
    4. Now you will see the page with the photos as well as with the tags required to place the photos. Simply copy-paste the tags exactly as they are wherever you want in the text.

    Ensure that you adhere to Image posting guidelines . Let us know if you require further guidance.

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    Sincere thanks, Madam! Somehow I have done this.
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    After the images are attached the page opens to ' Manage Attachments & Images', where you can see all the images attached to the article.

    Scroll down past the uploaded images and you will come to various options, under Page Settings.

    Default Image: You can choose a default image from the drop-down menu, to make it appear as a thumbnail next to the title and description, in the article section.

    Banner Image: You can also select a banner image from the drop-down menu, to show just under the title.

    After you have selected the images, remember to 'save settings'.

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