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  • Category: Problems/Complaints

    Unable to edit old articles

    I want to republish my old articles but would like to tweak them a bit, before doing so - add fresh content and internal links. Unfortunately, this option is not available.

    Yesterday, I had wanted to add a few internal links to one of my old articles, but the system would not allow me to do it. I could only republish the article.

    I had the same problem a few months back, which was eventually resolved. Request the same be done again.
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    Permission to edit old locked articles should be requested to the ISC Admin through a forum post, quoting the article or linking the article. ISC editors accord permission and open the thread for editing. On completion of editing, inform the Admin. They would lock it again. This is what the procedure to be followed to get the old articles edited.

    Hope you did it in the past, and would do it now and in the future.

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    I will check with Tony Sir about the automated feature of opening articles to edit when republished. In the meanwhile, please give a link to the articles in a response here. If it is a long list of 5 or more, you can send me the links directly to my official gmail ID of iscmanagingeditor.

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    I wish to tweak all old articles, not just specific ones. I would prefer a solution, if possible. I was able to do so, the last time I made this request.

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    Alright, Juana. I will request Tony Sir to check this out.
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    Republishing doesn't make any difference on the "LOCK" status. Republishing just changes the date of last modified. If Republishing Unlocks a Locked article, then it will break the purpose of Locking.

    If you want any specific resources to be unlocked for editing, please let us know the URLs and we can unlock them.

    Tony John
    Webmaster - IndiaStudyChannel.com

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