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    Is it worth Rs. 6899 to buy for Rs. 999?

    I am interested in online purchase. I have chosen an item(Saree) priced as Rs. 6899 and is available for Rs. 999. It is 85% off the original price. Just look at the attached item and say whether it is worth buying or not worthy of buying.

    I humbly request our good ISC Ladies to give their view.

    Is it really worth Rs. 6899 in the open market?

    Should I go for it or ignore it?
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    Here is the attachment to have a good look at it. (Photo - courtesy snap deal)

    This is an "Onlinefayda Orange chiffon Saree".

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    Snapdeal is a good window for online shopping which also guarantees of quality & even there is a policy of rejection wherein you can replace the item or cancel the deal & gets your refund. So I don't feel that this could be the bad deal in Rs. 999/-. The companies go on to stock clearance sales & so they keep the price tag to it's minimum with the lowest profit margin to their end.

    In case you go ahead with this scheme then pl. share your experience too.

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    Mr. Anand,
    To have an experience, I have ordered for a saree with a low price tag Rs.1599 (Now Rs.570). I am yet to receive the consignment. Will certainly share the experience.

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    The quality of saree depends upon the colour, stitch work/zari work, etc. and the quality of cloth. From the image, it can only be said that the colour of the saree is good. Further, there is no stitic-work or any other painting, etc. on the saree. No comment on the quality of cloth (as it can't be understood from the image). So, the price of Rs. 570/- is okay.
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    It appears the saree is good. I think it is worth. You can go ahead. My wife ordered one and the Saree is worth its cost. If there is any difference we can reject the Saree. They will collect it back.
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    If you go for virtual shopping at any shopping mall having good collections of sarees, I feel one can get chiffon saree which can be had from 450 to 600 and therefore the netizens are getting fooled with discounts and getting cheated. In Hyderabad and especially at Secunderabad general bazar some good saree shops there and you can come anytime and shop for the best sarees at the above said price. And never get bowled over the images placed in the online portals which are portraying something and selling something. I think the author by now got the bitter experience of ordering on line.
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    My obseravtion regarding online clothing is that MRP of clothing from non reputed brands are highly jacked up by the sellers and then heavy discounts are offered like in your case. If you are geting a saree for 999 then the seller will get something around 600 which includes his profit, his expenses and his purchase cost. Assuming his profit to be around 20% and another 10% as expenses, his purchase cost should be something around 400 -450. I think no one can get a good saree for 600 or even for 999. A good saree costs upwards of Rs 5000.

    And now you have ordered a saree with a pricetag of 570, which means you think that it is a good saree. Well, I would never buy a saree worth Rs 1000 for wifey dear.

    @ Ved Prakash, you are highly mistaken about Snapdeal. They are one of the worst in the business. They cheat the buyers as well as sellers to get their books into profit. Snapdeal does not return buyer's money even after taking back the products. Snapdeal then returns the product to the seller and deducts heavy charges from the seller's account. Just check out their FB page to know the reality.

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    Sir, am afraid you are referring to a Kanchipuram type of silk saree. If yes, if the sari is so highly discounted, please do note, the quality is bound to suffer. If you really want to buy very good quality saris, please do come down to Chennai, and hop into any bus that goes towards Kanchipuram. There, with the original producers of the best quality saris, through an established cooperative, you can buy very good saris. I shall soon share the address and phone number, so that you can check with them. Please do note, there is so much cheating going on, in these online sales business. It is always fine to buy from established shops with the bill. They do not cheat, as their name will be totally spoiled. For example, at Nalli Silks, Chennai, you will find the kind of saris described by you. The rate may be a little costly, but the quality will be very good. In the case of Kanchipuram saris, please do note that they manufacture the widest variety and very high quality silk saris. Please take your wife and other relatives to Chennai. If you can correspond with me, I can even come and guide you to purchase the best quality saris.

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    The girl shown in your photo is very beautiful! The saree is also fantastic. I would also like to purchase one.
    But, what is online fayda?
    I think, the fayda is for seller not buyer in this case.

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    This thread is only a check thread to know the online purchases. It is only to get the opinion of the members about the online shopping. Frankly speaking, I haven't ordered for any saree until I posted this thread. Just to have a simple good or bad experience of online shopping,I decided to buy a saree. (It is not a saree for my good wife, but a saree for trials) I ordered for a saree (Gazal fashion saree) with a price tag of Rs. 1599 (Rs.570). The order has been accepted and Snapdeal has asked me to pay Rs. 608 (inclusive of door delivery charge - Cash on Delivery).

    @ My advice: It is not necessary that our good wives should be gifted with only costly and branded sarees. There are cheap and best local sarees that looks attractive than the costly and branded sarees. Once I bought a saree from Parbhani(Maharashtra). The saree was placed hanging outside the shop. It attracted me. The price tag was only Rs. 150/-. I bought it and presented it to my good wife. She never enquired about the cost of the saree. She appreciated my selection. She still loves, preserves and wears. The saree can be worn for any function. Many of her relatives and friends appreciated the material, colour and design of that saree. The cost and brand doesn't matter. The material and look matters lot. Though my good lady possesses silk sarees costing Rs. 15000/- and above, this Rs. 150/- saree is a great treasure to her.

    Let me see whether the Snapdeal saree is better or bitter after it reaches my hand.

    Now, Should I trust the words of Ved Prakash Anand and Dr. Srinivasa Rao who favoured Snapdeal, or Mr. Gypsy who is against Snapdeal.

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    The name and brand of the saree is written as "Onlinefayda Orange Chiffon saree". You can google it to get it.

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    Sorry to break your heart but don't expect this saree to be an original on work the one it is labelling it as no online seller is a fool to sell you product at 85% discount. It is just a marketing gimmick to catch your attention and compels you to buy looking at huge discount.
    This huge discount is possible because most of the textile or apparel items do not have a fixed price tag on them, they can be replaced with any price they want just by removing a small tag.

    Now coming to Snapdeal, they are now slowly shrinking and will close down in a year or two as they have made huge losses. They have lost their seller base as well as customer base. They have not been able to pay the sellers registered with them for long and they are facing a few court cases as of now.
    Also there is a margin of seller as well as Snapdeal and then the price is reflected to the customer. So whatever as consumer pays includs the margin of two parties so none of them will bear a loss to sell their product.
    In addition clothes look much prettier in photograph than in reality, do when you purchase a cloth from apical shop you are able to feel the texture as well as the looks and quality which is not possible online.

    Online shopping is good for branded products which you can get on discount but prices of local products are beefed up to recover their margin.

    My advice is to avoid it rather than repenting later. As you have said you have already ordered one more item just to cross check, but that will not be of much help as their are numerous sellers with their products and different quality. Platform is same but the seller is different as well as their quality and pricing.

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    I concur with many points mentioned in #641180.

    Personally the two online sites with which I had some bad experience is Snapdeal and Shopclues. Though I did not lose money ,I had to do a strong and continuous follow up with them. The user review about them is also maximum negative opinion. I do not want to discourage you. It might have become better and improved now .

    Anyway before ordering an item online, it is suggested to enquire the price at local shops or ensure the normal price and quality of the product from other users nearby. Then one should read the reviews. One should also check the price and narration in other sites also.
    Except for a very few minor isolated cases my experience with online shopping is good only.

    Actually I got cheated more by real physical shops when I purchased dresses and footwear during tour trips by conducted tours.and not by online shops.

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    Always ensure with the online sites that if the product or the thing ordered were not matching as per your expectations, you have the right to reject it after opening the parcel. In that case try any online portal.
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    My another experiment. The saree in the attached photo is my selection. I searched the same both in Flipcart and snapdeal. Look at the price tags.
    Flipcart - Rs.1999 reduced to 699
    Snapdeal - Rs.1599 reduced to 570
    What a difference between two online portals!
    This is what the online shopping is!

    Further, I searched the same in another site.The price tag is - Rs. 2710 reduced to Rs. 560.
    Are they not fooling the public with the price tags.

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