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    Interesting: Safety Pin’s humble journey

    Although the civilization has been progressing by leaps and bounds, the humble safety pin has not lost its value. A bunch of safety pins is always found in the purses carreid by the ladies. Even the gents find this very useful many a time. But how and when did the safety pin start its journey? Let us know.

    From the available records, safety pin was first used by ancient Greeks during 2000 BC, i.e., almost 4000 years ago. The Greeks used to make safety pins by bending a long and straight bronze and then conneting one end with other. From the Greeks, the safety pin went to ancient Romans. They used safety pins as brooches for their robes and other dresses. Both men and women of Roman empire used safety pins.

    In modern era, safety pin was accidentally developed by Walter Hunt in 1849 in America. After getting the patent, Hunt sold it to a company only at a price of US$400. The company, WR Grace & Co., started mass production of safety pins.

    Thus the rapid and fast journey of the safety pin began.
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    Good information. The safety pin is useful for many applications. If the shirt button gone there in place of the button temporarily this can be used. Ladies use it for many purposes. Even gents carry these safety pins with them.
    always confident

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    We have been using the safety pins since ages and never bothered to know its history. Thanks to the author for bringing out the story behind safety pins.
    K Mohan
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