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    Who can continue as Finance Minister of India- Arun Jaitley or Piyush Goyal ?

    Ever since our Finance Minister Arun Jaiteley was hospitalized, PM Modi has delegated additional responsibility of Finance Ministry to Piyush Goyal. And due to post operative bed rest, Arun Jaiteley continued to be addressed as the Minister without portfolio and Piyush Goyal has been prominently mentioned and addressed as the Finance Minister. Now my question is, Piyush Goyal has earned the faith of our PM for his work as Coal Minister and Railway Minister and hence also given this additional charge. Who is your best choice to continue as FM for future- Jaitely or Goyal ?
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    Shri Piyush Goyal is holding the charge of Ministry of Finance temporarily during the absence of Shri Arun Jaitley. Yesterday, I have come to know that Shri Jaitley is recovering fast. So, he will come back to his Ministry very soon, may be within next 15 days.
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    This is a stop-gap arrangement. Arun Jaitley may take charge soon once he recovers from the illness. He will continue as Finance Minister only once he joins back. So I don't think there is a chance of Piyush Goyal continuing as Finance Minister once Arun comes back.
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