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    Rain rain, come again.

    Everyone is waiting for the rains to commence which lowers the scorching heat and temperatures outside. Rain is the nature's biggest gift to the mankind and the seeds in the soil come out quickly on arrival of rain and soon become plants which are our lifeline.

    People welcome rain in various ways and enjoy the outdoors especially near water falls and hilly areas.

    Rainy season is a time to enjoy the nature in it's best form and appreciate the myriad moods of mother Earth.

    Do you like the rainy season? How do you feel about this pleasant change in weather?
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    The author seems to gone in enjoying mode when rain brings in our childhood inside and we tend to dance in the rain when we get that relief from the scorching heat. But just imagine the ordeal of the Mumbaikars who are at present going through the worst experience of continued rains which has battered their life so far. The transport has become stand still, old buildings are collapsing, those who are living in low areas are without shelter and food and the rain is continuing for days. Just imagine their plight and if they read this post, they would curse from the heart. So for it would be enjoyment and for many the rains are curse.
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    A good thread showing the happiness of people at the time of rains but at the same time the inability of the authorities to cope up with the maintenance is really very disappointing.

    The failure of drainage system, traffic congestion, pits in the roads and choking of big nullahs with garbage are some situations which make the poor class and common people afraid and fearful of rains.

    Inspite of plenty of Govt funds and facilities available, we are not able to get rid of these problems during the rains particularly in Mumbai and adjacent areas.

    Still, I feel that it is the most pleasant time of the weather and many people enjoy this respite from the summer heat.

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    The post gives me a very happy feeling. During rain, I always watch that plants and trees actually welcome rain. It is really wonderful that after a spell of shower, the colour of the entire neighbourhood changes. It becomes lush green and very soothing for eyes. The small birds drink water and start chirping.
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    It is very nice to have rain that too after experiencing a heavy heat during the summer season. Everybody will be waiting when the monsoon will arrive. This year the heat is at its best. Everyone felt the pinch Now it is natural to wait for the water to fall down. The nature will be changing its colour once the rains start and we look greenery around and gives us immense happiness. This year so far no rains. The prediction also is that the average rainfall will be less. Let us all pray the rain God to show his kindness towards us this year.
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    Good thread.
    'Rainy season is a time to enjoy the nature in it's best form and appreciate the myriad moods of mother Earth.'

    I like rainy season. Heavy rain is lashing out in Kerala. Everywhere is lush green. The well in my house is about to overflow. Ponds are flooded. Rivers are overflowing. Swimming is my hobby. Looking at rain and enjoying by sitting in my balcony is an exciting experience.

    I would like to have a break now and I am booking tickets to Kerala to enjoy the rain!
    Dear friends, anybody coming with me? All are welcome. Come with swimming kits…

    I thank the Author for this thread!

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