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    What is the cheap and best product that we can get through online shopping?

    My thread is a self explanatory thread and needs no much explanation. By your experience, which is the cheap and best product that can be bought through online shopping, and who is the dealer supplying such cheap and best products?
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    Online shopping portals have numerous products. For cheap price products also there are many. Some online shopping sites announce or advertise by categorising according to price band. So there are products which are below Rs99 also.
    We can go to the shopping site and then search for needed item.Then we can sort them from price low to high.We can find the cheapest one in that list.

    I had purchased a lot of items through online shopping sites during the last few years. I had also posted an article in ISC User's experience review on Paytm..... I had shopped with almost all major shopping sites in India. But now I am sticking mostly to Flipkart, Paytm, Ebay and Amazon .

    From what I can recall now the cheapest item I bought was a'Pill organiser' at a cost of Rs98/-.Another was 'Laundry bag" costing Rs 169/-. The heaviest one I purchased online was a table top wet grinder.
    One product I found very useful at a relative cheap price was a Usb nano Wifi adapter which I am using for my desktop PC.

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    I mainly purchase books from online shopping sites. I get a hefty commission (which is not possible from purchasing books from bookshops) and the books are delivered to my residence/office within a reasonable time.
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    Well the more they advertise, the more they become famous. At present the Amazon seems to be famous and having edge over others in supplying each and every items of our needs and they are priced much lower when compared to other offers of other portals and what is surprising is the fact that the rates are getting varied from day to day basis and one has to have the tow and book the article or the thing when it is trending at low price. My daughter clinched a deal of mobile phone with low price and the quality is good. So one should have the niche and experience to strike the deal at right time.
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    Well if the author has come up with purchasing than the internet is full of numbers of products in different range & of different sections. So in the first place we need to find the type of the commodities which we would be interested onto. After deciding on the type of products, we can than go on searching on different others sites & at the same time make comparisons along with the offers by the traders so as to get the maximum benefits from the purchasing. After the transactions when we have received the material or the commodity but not satisfied as expected then we can also opt for the replacements or for refund.

    With the internet & with the online shopping, we are available with numerous options wherein we can go ahead with our tastes & so the choice is all the way ours.

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