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    Why can't this Bangalore practice be emulated all over?

    Bangalore is the most beautiful city in India. This city is a lovely people, the way they welcome everyone and so on. However, there is much more to Bangalore.

    They have totally said no to plastics. It is impossible to find plastic anywhere. In supermarkets, they sell cloth bags for as less as Rs.8 or Rs 10 or Rs.15. The customers do not mind this extra expense a all. They happily carry home their purchases only in these cloth bags. It is also superb to find so many people come for shopping with their own bags.

    This should be immediately implemented in other cities like Chennai, Mumbai and elsewhere. This should be done by a Government ordinance and the plastic lobby should not intervene.

    Can we do this?
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    Let us go back and see few decades old practice when plastic carry bags were not available. We used to carry our own permanent small shopping bags for less items, and get the large items in gunny bags. There should be a complete ban on plastic bags, and introduce compulsory carrying of items in a non-plastic bag. Mr Modi who is interested in Swachh Bharath should take initiative and bring a strict ordinance to this effect. Also, the public should co-operate with the government and say 'NO' to plastic carry bags.
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    During 1970s and 1980s people used to carry cloth bags from home and bring all the items in that bag. I personally used to carry a cloth bag and bring Vegetables from market once in a week in Visakhapatnam, AP. Those days vegetable vendors gave vegetables in plastic bags. I remember my father going to the village market on the day of market and purchase the vegetables and bring them home in two big cloth bags on his cycle. But slowly the people started collecting all items in carry bags and thus avoiding the cloth bags. But the people are not understanding the problem arising out of these plastic items. The well educated people are also following the practice. The government banning these items is one part and the mindset of the people is another part. Unless otherwise the mindset of the people is changed regarding the usage of plastic and the importance of carrying cloth bags for purchasing the items I think it is very difficult to control the use of these plastic items.
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    Even now, I use cloth/jute bags. Whenever I go to Kolkata, I purchase 5-6 different jute/cotton bags or mixed (jute+cotton) bags of different size/shape. These bags are at least 40% cheaper than similar bags available in Delhi, but are very artistic with different painting/stitch-work. I use these bags (neighbors are impressed/jealous) and sometime give some of the bags to my Delhi-based relatives or close friends.
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    Well awareness being created in every state and city regarding shunning of plastic totally. But the plastic covers producing companies have created a lobby with the support of state and central MP's who are prevailing upon the law enforcing agencies to go slow on taking action against those who are using plastic. What I have been requesting is that instead of asking people to stop using plastic, let the government seal every plastic making units and that would pave way for smooth transition from plastic to paper or cloth bags. Such initiatives must be undertaken by every state government.
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