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    Will these buses be maintained well?

    The worst Government in Tamil Nadu, which is the most corrupted in India, and can put every Lallu to shame in every single matter of corruption, has finally done something good. It has finally introduced good new buses on some routes.

    The AC buses with the sleeper facility are also fitted with toilets. They are also provided with drinking water facilities. The interiors are also superb. Will these buses be maintained well and operated well, as was done during the DMK regime and the MGR era?

    One suggestion is to totally hand over the bus and its maintenance to industrial houses that will happily do it. They can be given free advertising rights on the exteriors of the buses, possibly on the rear side. The industrial houses would be those in the destination. For example, if the bus plies between Chennai and Tiruchirapalli, the bus maintenance can be handed over to BHEL, which has a huge manufacturing unit there.

    Let us hope some sense prevails and good maintenance is systematically done.
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    These days very good buses are coming on to the road. They are very comfortable. The APSRTC and TSRTC are also having such buses and they are able to maintain very nicely. I hope TN also will do the same thing. But the idea of giving to private people the maintenance activity will be nice. The government can think of this and that will make the government a little comfortable.
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    Glad to note that modern facility buses are introduced in Tamil Nadu on select routes and that is attracting the passengers to board such buses as the basic amenities are good and the passengers need not get down for the necessities. I am also having apprehensions that such costly buses are not maintained properly at the corporation depots and that must be handed over to the sponsors who can advertise their products outside and inside the buses. We all know that the Central government has supplied posh Air conditioned buses under the Jawaharlal Urban renewal mission program and now those buses were nearly relegated to waste as there was nil maintenance. Hence forth , when the center donates buses to the states, it must also take up the maintenance or give cost of maintenance to the states so that buses are maintained well
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    Why to hand over the government buses for maintenance to other agencies! just entrust the responsibility to the drivers and conductors of the buses by giving them additional pay, incentives and bonus. Also allow them to share a percentage of revenue earned through the buses. Though the drivers and conductors will be the employees, they will maintain the buses like its owners.
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    sir, your suggestion is fine. However, what I meant is also the maintenance of all interiors, like changing the curtains, the infrastructure inside the rest rooms, the lights and the Ac equipment itself. You are correct. Even without any incentive, a particular bus conductor and driver have spent their own money and are maintaining a Government bus that runs between Tirupur and some location near Tiruchi. A particular you tube video showed this. However, for the AC buses, we need a huge amount of money, and that can jolly well come from companies like BHEL, TVS, the Murugappa group and even huge trading companies. They need to spend some money on Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Hence, they would not mind this expenditure.

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    The bus fare in A/C buses are high for providing A/C and also for maintenance of the A/C system. The passengers pay for it. What is the problem in maintaining the bus with the revenue earned and saved. I think, the Managing Director of the corporation should ensure proper maintenance of the buses, than off loading it to industrial houses. The respective bus drivers and conductors should be given proper training as to how to maintain the bus and its system. They will work as an agency between the government and the repair agencies to keep the bus in an all time perfect state.
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